• Vazrazhdane Outlines Terms For Participation In A New Bulgarian Government

    June 18, 2024
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    Member of Bulgaria's patriotic opposition party, Vazrazhdane, via its official website

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    In the aftermath of the inconclusive Bulgarian parliamentary elections held on June 9, Bulgaria’s leading anti-globalist party has outlined its terms for participation in a new government. The party led by Kostadin Kostadinov declined an invitation from GERB, the party that finished first in the election, to enter into negotiations to form a government. Vazrazhdane issued a detailed statement to the media outlining the party’s  position, emphasizing that it will only support a government formed under its own mandate.

    According to the statement, should Vazrazhdane receive a mandate after the first and second attempts fail, they plan to send invitations to all parliamentary forces for talks, explicitly excluding DPS. The party outlined five non-negotiable conditions for forming a cabinet. These conditions include holding a referendum on preserving the Bulgarian lev, as well as another referendum to decide on leaving NATO.

    Additionally, Vazrazhdane demands the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation and financial compensation for Bulgarian entrepreneurs who have suffered due to these sanctions. They also insist on ending the provision of military aid to Ukraine and preventing Bulgaria from becoming involved in the military conflict by sending Bulgarian troops.

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    Furthermore, Vazrazhdane called for organizing a negotiating team to renegotiate the conditions of Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union, which is not currently beneficial to the country. The party believes that these steps are crucial to forming a government that truly represents and acts in the best interest of Bulgaria and its citizens.

    With Bulgaria deeply divided because of the massive interference by globalist forces in the internal affairs of the country, it is unlikely that a stable government can be formed. The efforts by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia last summer to impose a government of globalist forces ended in disaster.



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