• The Dutch Are Not Sold On Balkan EU Enlargement

    December 2, 2022
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    The Dutch Are Not Sold On Balkan EU Enlargement.
    Balkans in 1350 according to Gustav Droysen from 19th century

    The Dutch still are opposed to EU enlargement in the Balkans, showed a recent study.

    Some 45% thought that enlargement into the region would be good or very good, while 55% think it is negative, very negative, or are unsure, reported Exit.

    A further 49% think that enlargement with the Western Balkans will have a negative or neutral impact on their lives. Fears and concerns include the rule of law, civil rights, and the use of Dutch taxpayers’ money.

    “The results of our study show the shift in the Dutch public attitudes towards the enlargement that are more positive. This result came as sort of surprise to the interviewed decision-makers and political elites in the Netherlands. Thus it gives us a grounding base to expect faster and more positive approach towards the accession policies,” said Milena Stefanovic, programme manager at the European Fund for the Balkans and co-author of the study.

    The study's authors searched for ways to increase acceptance; some referenced 'education' on EU processes.



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