• Berisha Attacked In Tirana

    December 6, 2022
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    Albanian opposition leader Sali Barisha was attacked in Tirana by a socialist militant Sunday during a protest against the Rama government.

    The man was able to walk up and get close to Berisha and punched him in the face. The man was then detained by security personnel.

    Talking later to journalists, Berisha claimed that this incident was organized by Rama and it shows his “criminal character”. He stated that the aggression was intentional to undermine the image of the protest and the voice of thousands of Albania that have come to Tirana to voice their discontent against Edi Rama’s government, reported Exit.

    Thousands of protesters, called by the opposition, are protesting against the corruption and autocratic rule of Prime Minister Edi Rama, while a EU-Western Balkans Summit is taking place in Tirana.



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    Lucas Brazil was stolen Bolsonaro was antiglobalist

    the same is hapening in Brazil where the left and globalist partyes are playing together a game to attacks Bolsonaro they steal the election in last october 30 !

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