• Bulgarians Disapprove Of EU Sanctions Against Russia

    December 20, 2022
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    Bulgarians Disapprove Of EU Sanctions Against Russia

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    A new Eurobarometer Survey published by the European Union shows that while 74% of European Union residents approve of the EU’s support of Ukraine, but that number is far lower among the EU’s Balkan member states, particularly Bulgaria.

    Only 48% of Bulgarians approve of the European Union’s support of Ukraine following the Russian invasion, and an even lower number, 44% support the economic sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia. Only 24% fully approve of the economic sanctions, while another 20% tend to approve of them. 

    When it comes to military aid to the Ukrainian regime, only 30% of Bulgarians approve of financing the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine. A mere 33% of Bulgarians approve of banning state-owned Russian media from broadcasting in the EU. Only 46% of Bulgarians view Russia as being entirely responsible for the war. None of this means that Bulgarians are not sympathetic to the plight of ordinary Ukrainians suffering amidst the conflict. 90% of the population approves of providing humanitarian support to help people affected by the war. 

    Despite popular disapproval of Bulgarian involvement in the war, the Bulgarian Government continues to do the bidding of its masters in Brussels. Caretaker Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov today is paying a visit to Ukraine, according to a Twitter post by his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov. 

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    The Bulgarian government has long been in Putin's pocket.

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