• State Of Emergency Declared In The Western Balkans Due To Floods

    January 21, 2023
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    Serbia. Source: Facebook

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    Heavy rains have been causing major damage and loss of human lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Hungary, and Montenegro. 

    Emergency services in Serbia are searching for one after the country has been affected by severe floods. He is believed to have drowned. Another body was found in the region of Raska. The unusual temperatures led to heavy rains all across the Western Balkans. Dozens of people were evacuated by the Serbian police, and the Government sent the army to help the struggling communities.

    Kosovo is severely affected by the floods as well. 120 families were evacuated, and the torrents caused damage to roads and polluted the drinking water, creating a water crisis in the western, northwestern, and northern parts of the country. Dozens of villages were flooded, and in some cases, the water completely covered the homes. The emergency services had to pull several people out of their cars, after becoming trapped.

    Kosovo. Source: Facebook

    In Montenegro, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy was swept by the water and drowned. The heavy rain caused landslides, damaged roads, and collapsed bridges in the Mojkovac region.

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    Hungary is under a state of alert after the northern part of the country was flooded. Despite this region being affected yearly by melting snow, the beginning of 2023 had very high temperatures. The rain swole the debit of the Sajó river, endangering local communities.

    Many of the countries flooded in the Western Balkans are experiencing long power outages. The meteorologists stated the heavy rains will continue for the next few days.



    Diana Livesay

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