• Envoys From The EU and U.S. Threaten Serbia: Comply With Ultimatums Or Face “Serious Damage”

    January 24, 2023
    Aleksandar Vučić via Wikimedia Commons

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    President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the Serbian public on Monday, providing frank commentary on recent events. On Friday, the Serbian President met a delegation of U.S. and E.U. representatives who basically presented his country with an ultimatum – either Serbia must accept the Franco-German plan for Kosovo and Metohija or risk being ostracized from Europe. He also emphasized that the war in Ukraine has placed his country in an extremely delicate position.

    "Europe is in a de facto war, whatever they may say."

    Vučić, said that he feared no one wanted to talk about the context, the circumstances, and what Serbia is really facing when referring to the Franco-German plan for Kosovo and Metohija. “We have all seen versions of the Franco-German plan. It is no longer just theirs, and we will talk about that later. When you look at a paper, you easily find objections, and there is nothing in this paper that we can be enthusiastic about. I participated in all the conversations from the time when Ivica Dačić was the head of the government, and it never looked like this. The question arises why? The fact is that the geopolitical circumstances have changed, Europe is in a de facto war, whatever they may say. There is no tolerance for dissent in the political sense, and they want everything in their backyard, and we are also their (European) yard, they want everything there to be exactly as they want it.”

    Vučić also accused Albin Kurti, prime minister of the autonomous province of Kosovo of provoking incidents intended to drag Serbia into a conflict so that NATO would take his side.  “During Kurti’s time, there have been 287 incidents to date,” the President said. “This year alone, 10 serious ones. The latest is today’s wounding of Miljan D., who is in a stable condition and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

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    Vučić decried the fact. that no one asked or even consulted Serbia when drafting of the Franco-German plan. “They came and showed us the plan... There is a demand not to oppose the entry of the so-called Kosovo into the UN that is hidden,” Vučić told the Serbian public.

    Vučić said that E.U. and U.S. envoys told him last week that he had to accept the latest EU plan, based on the Franco-German proposal, or Serbia would face an end to its EU accession talks, a halt to new and withdrawal of existing investments, as well as political and economic measures which would inflict serious damage on the country. “It will happen in three months, five months or a year... I’m worried, I’m not going to sweep the problems under the carpet. I quoted what they said to me, and it was repeated three more times. Each time, I reacted very strongly against it,” Vučić added.

    “They have their own agenda – the defeat of Russia, and everything in the way of that agenda will be swept away”

    The Serbian President voiced his concern about the lack of any rational approach to resolving problems. “I saw that in the talks with representatives of the most powerful countries of the world. The time for reason is past – no one wants to listen to me… They have their own agenda – the defeat of Russia, and everything in the way of that agenda will be swept away,” he said.

    “If the choice is that, on the one hand, we have sanctions and isolation or, on the other hand, we are going to say we accept everything immediately, which means Kosovo in the UN, I am in favor of the path of compromise as much as possible.’ Vučić declared.

    “Nothing is going to happen today, tomorrow, not in a month or three, but when we are faced with final demands, Parliament and the people must decide on them,” the President explained, adding that he would invite all the political parties to tell them of the details of his meetings with the EU, French, German, Italian, and US envoys.

    Vučić said that “it is important to show that we want peace in the region and to show what we expect in the future and to fight for it…. When we passionately and strongly disagree with something, we still have to understand what their strength is, what our strength is.”

    Whatever is in the state's interest, I will do it.”

    The President went on to say, “It is up to us to try to compromise and reach the normalization of relations so that the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija can live normally, that no one harasses them every day and that we protect the state of Serbia and its integrity and unity. It will be very difficult and that is why I am afraid.” Vučić added that the decision will not be his, but that “Other competent state bodies and, eventually, the citizens will decide on behalf of Serbia.”

    The Serbian President said that this will be his last mandate, and that if circumstances require, he would reign from office. “If there is a need to save the state in this way, I would not hesitate,” Vučić concluded. “I live for the state, and I am a soldier of the state. Whatever is in the state's interest, I will do it.”



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    Betsie Weil

    Good for Vucic! Good for the Serbs, for Tennis champion Djokovic! They know who they are and they know the cost of compliance. I salute them.


    A prayer for Serbia. Sad times seeing once free nations (my US and the EU nations) become the monsters they claim they are fighting. Well, Germany is just resorting to their old ways.


    Not surprising, Putin reportedly saved the KGB asset files when East Germany fell apart, then had the Gall to NOT reinstall the communist party as the uni-party of the smaller Russia. Who knows what is in those files, who knows which politicians, business leaders, or NGO leaders are implicated as working for the Soviets during the cold war.
    The Eu has been bent on building the nEU-Reich since it's inception.

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