• A Recent Attack Reopens Discussions On Violence Against Subcultures

    February 4, 2023
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    Source: Florin Tibu (Bucovina) Facebook

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    After an unprovoked attack against Florin Ţibu, a member of Bucovina, Romania’s most famous folk metal band, the discussion against subculture violence was reignited.

    Florin Țibu, the 44-year-old singer and guitarist of folk metal band Bucovina, was the victim of an unprovoked attack on the evening of February 3rd. While walking home on the streets of Iași, right after performing in a sold-out concert for the band’s new album. Țibu was attacked by four men and hit in the face with metal objects. The victim didn’t press charges, however, Romanian law specifies the police can take action without a complaint, if they learn of crimes from the various information channels. So far, the police haven’t acted against the aggressors, and they have not been identified.

    Bucovina Rock Band via Facebook

    This most recent attack reopens the discussions on subculture violence, that has been prevalent against rock fans and performers. Shortly after the fall of communism, especially between 2000 and 2015, violent acts against members of the rock subculture became common. Not just physical violence, but bullying took its toll on many teenagers going through middle school and high school during these years, even driving many of them to suicide.

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    The hate against the rock subculture in Romania reached its peak after the tragedy of Colectiv, when 26 young people lost their lives and 146 were injured in a fire, during a concert of the metal band Goodbye to Gravity. After a significant part of Romanians believed the victims deserved to die for “being satanists who went to a satanic concert”, the collective mentality seemed to have become more tolerant towards members of various subcultures.



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