• Stray Dogs From Romania Are Saving People In Turkey Following The Earthquake

    February 8, 2023
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    Source IGSU Facebook

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    Much of Romania is asking for massive euthanasia of strays following a recent tragic event, but Romanian stray dogs are now saving lives in Turkey, pulling survivors from the rubble.

    Romania sent emergency rescue teams from RO-USAR, medics and nurses from SMURD, and canine units in Haytai, the most affected area of Turkey. Many of the dogs in the canine units dogs are rescues and strays with outstanding intelligence.

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    Among them is Cialapa, an 8-year-old dog that had impressive accomplishments during a mission in 2019, recovering bodies after the earthquake in Albania. Vlad Popescu, head of the canine unit stated Cialapa works with them since she was born, after being found in a garbage container.

    Zura and Aki are the other two rescues that are now working around the clock in Turkey, trying to find survivors. One of them was found in a cardboard box as a puppy. They are living proof of dogs being much more useful than technology when it comes to a race against time. To them, the earthquake was not a tragedy, but an opportunity to prove themselves and their loyalty.

    Source IGSU Facebook


    Diana Livesay

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