• Putin Withdraws Recognition Of Moldova’s Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, And Neutrality

    February 21, 2023
    Recent anti-government protests in Chișinău via Wikimedia Commons

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    The Moldavian news agency știri.md is reporting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to annul the decree from 2012 aimed at seeking a resolution to the Transnistrian problem on the eastern border of the Republic. The decree affirmed that Russia would respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and neutral status of the Republic of Moldova.

    According to the original decree, “In order to consistently implement the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, which makes it possible to ensure its national interests based on the principles of pragmatism, openness, and multisectoral approach in the context of the formation of a new polycentric system of international relations, I decide: 1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, together with other federal executive bodies…. e) in relations with the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States: to continue active participation in the search for ways to solve the Transnistrian problem based on respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral status of the Republic of Moldova in establishing the special status of Transnistria.”

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    Putin originally signed the decree on May 7, 2012. With changes implemented by the Kremlin today, including suspending Russia’s participation in the START treaty. The Moldavian new site quotes Russian sources that the changes are designed “to ensure the national interests of the Russian Federation in connection with the profound changes taking place in international relations.”

    Chișinău has been rocked by protests in recent days calling for the resignation of President Maia Sandu. The recent rhetoric from Moldova’s pro-Western government, instigated by the Zelensky regime, calling for possibly joining NATO has caused serious concern for the Kremlin. Given the long-standing Transnistria dispute, Moldova finds itself in a vulnerable situation.



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    Christian Stormark

    So, why is that?
    Has President Sandu sided with US/NATO. Apparently it has. Are they going to go after the russian speaking minority?
    This might be a huge escalation.
    Does The Balkan have an article about the modern history of this region? Just some facts about the development since about 91. Bessarabia was always fought about like western Ukraine. I guess it's part of the Blodlands.

    Dan Gilfry

    Kill the Western Nazis!
    Free the world!


    Russia... when is enough enough? You're already the worlds biggest county. Get over it. No one likes you anymore. Russia is like the ex-husband with personal esteem issues.

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