• Dodik Calls For Abolishing The Office Of High Representative For Bosnia And Herzegovina

    February 27, 2023
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    Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, via his official website

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    The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, called for abolishing the Office of High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently occupied by German career politician and Merkel underling Christian Schmidt. The Office of High Representative has basically acted as a dictatorial authority in the fledgling country and Dodik says it is high time to return to the rule of law and respect for the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Dodik blames the Office of High Representative for undermining democracy in the country and causing political turmoil even decades after the signing of the Dayton Agreement. He added that Christian Schmidt was not appointed by the U.N. Security Council. According to the President of Republika Srpska, the Office of High Representative is a colonial administration, “a colonizer whose powers are not proscribed anywhere.

    “I think it is high time to close the Office of High Representative,” Dodik told reporters. “There is no Office of the High Representative, there is only the High Representative’s staff which he turned into a powerful office during Paddy Ashdown’s time that had 750 people who imposed solutions and imposed more than 280 laws in BiH, claiming that it was democratically necessary and that it was a democratic model of behavior.”

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    The President of Republika Srpska argued that it is absolutely clear that the High Representative had no right to impose laws in the country and that “the so-called Peace Implementation Council does not exist in the Dayton Agreement and that it is not a body that can prescribe anything, not even expand the powers of the high representative.”

    High Representative Christian Schmidt via OHR website

    “We should reject everything that the high representative has ever done and return to the rule of law, to respect for the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dodik added. “We need to reject everything that they have ever taken from Republika Srpska in one way or another, and essentially through violence, in one way or another, and political dissent and mechanisms that are intended to change constitutional positions that were not respected, but were imposed.”

    Dodik warned that the globalists, led by Germany, are trying to create a unitary Bosnia and Herzegovina, ignoring the multi-ethnic realities of the country. “This is the best way for BiH to not exist one day, no matter what they think,” he told reporters.

    The President pointed out that the role of the Office of the High Representative was limited solely to referring to the text of the Constitution, to point out if there is a clear sentence that indicates that something is right or something is wrong. “Instead, they create, write the Constitution and continue this shameful practice of the high representative,” Dodik explained. “And the ambassadors from the USA, Europe, and Britain sulk and turn up their noses when you object to them on that topic…. This BiH was imposed on us, it does not belong to us, this BiH does not belong to Dayton. The Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to us, not the American or British or European desires of their ambassadors, especially their high representatives and their judges on the Constitutional Court.”



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