• Romanian Senator Introduces Legislation To Reclaim Historic Romanian Lands Occupied By Ukraine

    March 23, 2023
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    Romanian Senator Diana Șoșoacă, via Facebook

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    Romanian Senator Diana Şoșoacă introduced legislation in the Romanian parliament this week to right a historic injustice and reclaim the Romanian territories illegally seized by the former Soviet Union during World War II and currently occupied by Ukraine.  The bill calls for the denunciation of the 1997 treaty with Ukraine, forced upon Romania by the Western powers as they sought to consolidate the borders in Eastern Europe. Șoșoacă rightly points out that Ukraine has never respected the reciprocity between the rights granted to the Ukrainian minority on the territory of Romania and has pursued a policy of ethnic cleansing intended to destroy the cultural and national identity of the Romanians on the territory of Ukraine.

    The reasons invoked by the Romanian senator in introducing the legislation state, “Starting from the natural and legitimate right of national unity and from the fact that national reunification is necessary for several reasons – for historical, social, moral and economic reparation, but also for Romania's geostrategic interests, especially in the contexts invoked by NATO and the EU – we request the reannexation of the historical territories of Romania, namely Northern Bucovina, Herța, Buceagul (Cahul, Bolgrad and Ismail), historical Maramureș and Snake Island, Romanian territories stolen by the USSR and abusively occupied by Ukraine.”

    Map of Romania before the Nazis and Soviets dismembered the country

    “Through this action, we want the greatest act of post-December [1989] treason to be annulled, namely the Good Neighborhood and Cooperation Treaty between Romania and Ukraine, ratified by Law no. 129/1997 – which recognized the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact [concluded between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union]. Also, through this measure, we want to recover the cultural identity, traditions, customs, and religion of the Romanian population estimated at approximately 1 million Romanians, including mixed families.”

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    “The argument that by signing this treaty the integration of our country into NATO was achieved is false, since the Poles joined NATO before us, in 1999, without signing any document recognizing the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact. Unfortunately, our Romanian brothers in Ukraine do not have the right to learn in their mother tongue, there is a risk of losing their cultural identity. Instead, at Sighetul Marmații there is a high school that teaches in the Ukrainian language. We note the lack of the principle of reciprocity, a principle applicable in international law (principle of international relations, enshrined in agreements, treaties, and legal assistance conventions, according to which the beneficiary state of the treatment applied by its partner undertakes to provide it with identical treatment or equivalent); thus, ethnic Romanians from Ukraine do not have a representative in the Kiev Parliament, while Ukrainians from our country have a representative in the Romanian Parliament.”

    “…Considering the conflict in Ukraine and the fact that the Romanian state finances Ukraine with military equipment and weapons through NATO, as well as the fact that approximately 3 million Ukrainians have passed through Romania, we ask Ukraine to give us the lands inhabited by our Romanian brothers. It must be emphasized that ethnic Romanians in Ukraine are totally ignored by the authorities in Romania and Ukraine, who refuse any dialogue with them. Thus, the adoption of the Law on National Minorities by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, without consulting Romania, is part of Ukraine's defiant normality with regard to Romania, given the unlimited and unconditional support it has from Brussels and Washington. The reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was late, far too lenient, and without results, but it fits brilliantly into the act of betrayal that this ministry has been carrying out for several years now.”

    “…Considering the contempt and mockery of the Ukrainian state towards the Romanian state and the citizens of Romanian ethnicity living in the temporarily occupied territories, expressed through the adoption of the National Minorities Law in 2022, we reiterate the request to return the territories unjustly occupied by Ukraine, together with the citizens of Romanian ethnicity: Northern Bucovina, Herța, Buceagul (Cahul, Bolgrad and Ismail), historical Maramureș and Serpilor Island, Romanian territories stolen by the USSR and abusively occupied by Ukraine.”

    Recently, an open letter an open letter to the Embassy Of Ukraine in Bucharest from the Pro Basarabia and Bucovina Cultural Association on the plight of Romanians in Ukraine, published exclusively on The Balkan, called on Ukraine to withdraw its xenophobic legislation that suppresses national minorities. “In the case of refusal or delay by the Ukrainian authorities regarding the fulfillment of our urgent requests,” the letter states, “we will propose that the Romanian Government adopt several firm measures to reduce drastically any type of aid granted to Ukraine, going so far as a unilateral denunciation of the treaty signed in 1997, based on not complying with the provisions of article 13 and article 20 of the treaty, plus the recent passing of laws that limit the rights of the Romanian minority in Ukraine even more.”

    The spirit of the legislation introduced by Senator Șoșoacă is also backed up by the work of one of Romania’s greatest historians, Academician Florin Constantiniu, who condemned the treaty with Ukraine, writing, “In 1997, for the first time since the establishment of Greater Romania, a Romanian government ceded parts of the national territory without being threatened with aggression (as in 1940), or without being under pressure from the foreign occupier (as in 1944 and 1947). The Romanian public opinion did not perceive the dramatic dimension of the event.”

    While the legislation is justified and in the national interest of the country, it is doubtful that it will gain traction in the Romanian parliament. At present, Romania is ruled by globalist elites who take their orders from Brussels and Washington.



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    The Ukrainians who are STUPID (they voted for a former porn actor Zelensky as "president") and agreed to the coup in 2014 are going to lose EVERYTHING thanks to the US, its vassals of the EU and NATO and Zelensky (who is a Jew and hates Slavic people)...

    So keep fighting Russian dear Ukrainians while Romania, Hungary and soon Poland share your country between each others...


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