• Dodik: Republika Srpska Will Unite With Serbia

    April 1, 2023
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    Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, via his official website

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    In response to the newly-formed Western Balkan QUAD and attacks by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, declared that the Serbian national goal is the unification of Republika Srpska and Serbia. “Here, I am now saying that our goal is unification, which means that we will separate from Bosnia and Herzegovina and join Serbia,” Dodik told reporters. “I’m serious about it and we’re just choosing the moment when we're going to do it.”

    Dodik called the Western Balkan QUAD, formed at the EU foreign policy meeting in Skopje, an Albanian QUAD. “First of all, they are trying to create a story about a ‘great Albania,’ and they are only covering themselves with that story about Europe,” Dodik explained. The Western Balkan QUAD consists of North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo.

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    Dodik also responded to attacks by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken who accused Dodik of being Putin’s agent in the Balkans. “Milorad Dodik’s attacks on basic rights and freedoms in Republika Srpska show he is on President Putin’s authoritarian path,” Binken wrote on Twitter. The U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has attacked Dodik for enacting measures to limit the harmful influence of the Soros Foundation and other globalist NGOs in Republika Srpska, as well as advocating for legislation to prevent the indoctrination of Serbian youth with LGBTQ propaganda.

    “I’m glad that Blinken heard about me, so he’s commenting on me. I’m glad that I’m on his agenda, and I’m especially glad that he thinks I’m so great that they can compare me to Putin, who is undoubtedly the leader of one of the biggest countries in the world,” Dodik quipped. “The fact that they attribute to him [Putin] and attribute to the Americans all sorts of things, so what should we do,” Dodik continued. “They started the process of confiscating the property of the Republika Srpska, and that, of course, will not happen. Not even the power of America can force us to give up our property.” President Dodik said that Serbs died and suffered because they believed that they should defend their land, property, and freedom.

    “They persistently want to take away our resources and transfer them to bloody Sarajevo. We don’t want that to happen, we don’t like Sarajevo. They must understand that it is a Muslim center for us. We go there only because we have to,” Dodik added. “The issue of property was resolved by the Dayton Agreement and the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will not talk about any property. If you think we should be forced to give it up, try it.”



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