• Vučić Condemns Ukraine’s Position On Kosovo, Will Reconsider Serbia’s Policy

    April 26, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić vowed to reconsider his country’s attitude toward Ukraine following Monday’s vote on Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe, pointing out the hypocrisy of Western nations who preach about the territorial integrity of Ukraine while ignoring that of Serbia.

    “If there is someone who ignores the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, why should we respect their territorial integrity?...” Vučić asked. “Why should we rush to protect someone else’s territorial integrity, while we can remain silent since those people are clearly against Serbia’s territorial integrity?”

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    When asked by reporters to comment on Ukraine’s vote in favor of admitting Kosovo to the Council of Europe, Vučić responded, “This is very important, and there will be major changes in our policy course – not tectonic, but deep and thorough ones…. Abstaining from the vote… was equal to the recognition of Kosovo.” He pointed out that Ukraine requested a break ahead of the vote to consult with U.S. officials.

    The Serbian President added that when voting at the upcoming Council of Europe summit to be held in Reykjavik on May 16-17, “where everybody will have to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Moldova,” Serbia may now take a different path.



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