• Serbs Under Violent Attack In Kosovo

    May 30, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić Addresses His Nation in an extraordinary press conference on Monday night, via his official website

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    Serbs in northern Kosovo find themselves under violent assault from Prishtina’s paramilitary police forces, as well as NATO-KFOR troops occupying the autonomous province. In clashes with unarmed Serb protesters on Monday, over 53 Serbs were wounded. The protesters simply tried to stop the takeover of their municipalities by Albanian authorities. They were met with tear gas and bullets from Prishtina’s troops, supported by KFOR.

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić held an extraordinary press conference at the presidential palace in Belgrade on Monday in which he blamed the prime minister of the autonomous province of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, for provoking the violence. “As well as Kurti's desire to have major conflicts between the Serbs and NATO, and he to wash his hands and say that it has nothing to do with him,” the Serbian President told reporters.

    Vučić said that very few people understand the essence of what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija, even though he has said for months that Kurti wants a conflict. “In the last three days, even a weak and politically illiterate person could understand what was being prepared for today and everything in Kurti’s organization, with the desire to provoke a big conflict between the Serbs and NATO, while he who is the only one to blame for everything that is happening, to wash his hands like Pilate and say that it has nothing to do with him.”

    The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, Jeff Hovenier, of course, blamed the unarmed protesters. “The U.S. strongly condemns the violent actions of protesters in Zvecan today, including the use of explosives, against NATO_KFOR troops seeking to keep the peace,” the ambassador wrote on Twitter. “We reiterate our call for an immediate halt to violence or actions that inflame tensions or promote conflict.” The U.S. is the primary sponsor of the globalist regime in Kosovo.

    KFOR soldiers did not protect Serbs and did not prevent the illegal and violent takeover of the municipalities

    President Vučić said that, despite conversations he has had with the Americans, Germans, and Europeans, KFOR did not protect the Serbs as they promised to do and facilitated the illegal takeover of municipalities in northern Kosovo. Vučić outlined the chronology of events during the day, explaining “Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija at seven o’clock this morning gathered in front of the municipalities of Zubin Potok, Zvečan and Leposavić to express their displeasure with the incursion of illegal Kurtijevi occupiers into Serbian buildings, because KFOR soldiers, despite guarantees, did not protect Serbs and did not prevent the illegal and violent takeover of the municipalities, or protect them from the violence to which Serbs were exposed, even though they gave guarantees several times.”

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    “Serbs first proposed that KFOR replace ROSU [Kurti’s paramilitary troops] special forces, and that the fake mayors withdraw from the facilities, and KFOR can stay. Our Serbs were not bothered by KFOR, but by Kurti’s special forces and the fake mayors. Then the commander of KFOR for the eastern region said that he understood the Serbian demands and that he would pass them on to the competent authorities,” Vučić explained. The Serbian President’s claims were backed up by Hungarian sources which reported that Hungarian troops participating in the KFOR mission were warmly welcomed by Serbs in Metohija.

    Vučić stated that after Kurti’s paramilitary troops attacked the protesters, the Serbs responded with stones and in other ways. He said that Albanian special forces snipers were photographed in several places. He also said that Serbs on the ground warned NATO soldiers on several occasions that the Albanians had brought a lot of weapons and snipers, near schools and that the Serbs offered them non-violent resistance with songs and offered KFOR troops coffee and chocolates and showed that they were not for violence.

    Vučić: “We will not allow persecution, pogrom, or the killing of our people in Kosovo and Metohija”

    But in ensuing clashes, over 53 Serbs were injured, three seriously after being shot by Albanian snipers. Four were arrested. 41 members of KFOR were also injured. President Vučić called on the international community to reason with the prime minister of the autonomous province of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, but not with meaningless announcements after which they give him visa liberalization and membership in the Council of Europe without following through with the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities.

    Vučić called on the Quint nations to bring peace, “If they don't do that, I’m afraid it will be too late. We will try to preserve the peace. The Serbs know that they have a responsible leadership and that they will do their best to preserve peace, but we will not allow persecution, pogrom, or the killing of our people in Kosovo and Metohija,” he added.

    At the same time, the Serbian President called on Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija not to enter into conflicts with NATO, because that is what Kurti wants most. “I invite them to protest, which is their wish because they will not accept the occupation of buildings and houses, but to do so in a peaceful way, as they did today, to sit down, because when they oppose the Albanian occupier in a peaceful way, no one can submit. If the Albanian occupier shoots, that will be a different matter, and I have conveyed that to NATO.”



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    Albanian MUSLIM snipers, and Kosovo MUSLIM soldiers, vs. Serbian CHRISTIANS. True, yes??

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