• King Charles Visits Romania

    June 3, 2023
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    King Charles III with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, Source

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    King Charles III, the British monarch, arrived in Romania on Friday for a five-day special visit. He is the first British king to visit the country. King Charles was welcomed by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace before traveling to Transylvania, where a reception had been planned in his honor. King Charles said in a speech delivered in Romanian that he felt a strong connection to the country and that "I have always felt at home in this remarkable nation." He recited poetry by the Romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu to further enliven his speech.

    King Charles gave a moving speech at the reception at Cotroceni, where there were about 300 guests, during which he expressed his profound love for Romania and its rich culture, art, heritage, history, picturesque landscapes, and varied biodiversity. In Romanian, he used the beautiful expression "land of glory, country of longing." The British king expressed his intention to help improve ties between Romania and Britain with considerable emotion, underscoring his dedication to this crucial task.

    “I cannot describe the pleasure I have visiting Romania once again. Thank you, Mr. President, for your kind words and your immense generosity in organizing this reception. Twenty-five years have passed since my first visit to this remarkable country. When I came here, and even before, I felt a deep connection with Romania. The King of Romania was a cousin of the King of Great Britain, and Queen Mary was a descendant of the British Royal Family, and my father was a cousin of King Michael, and they shared childhood memories here. I have always felt at home in Romania. In all these years I had the joy of being able to travel all over the country and met Romanians from all fields. We have thus had the opportunity to witness first-hand the extraordinary development that has taken place and which is a testament to your energy, innovation, and resilience,” said the King.

    King Charles at his home in Viscri. Source

    “I was impressed by the representatives of the young generation, who face the challenges of the modern world, in all fields. I was inspired by the people I met who work tirelessly for others. There are efforts to support young people. Since the 90s I have become their friend and I am still a friend of the Monuments Association, which trains architects and those active in the conservation of monuments. It is impressive to see how many volunteers work daily, year after year, with such dedication for the historical monuments, to help preserve Romania’s diverse architecture.”

    “I came to love Romania, its culture and art, heritage, history, landscapes, and biodiversity. Country of glory, country of longing! Romania has preserved its forests, rural landscapes, and models of sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, there are many species here that have disappeared from other areas of Europe and the world. The more precious this country becomes, but above all I value my friends from Romania. I am very grateful for the many people who are also here in the room, who have supported me in projects, which are doing good. I have seen particularly generous support for friends in Ukraine.”

    “I came to Romania for so many years because I felt a closeness to the Romanian people for the sufferings following the Second World War. More and more British people come to Romania every year and millions of Romanians are an important part of life in Great Britain. Our bonds of friendship are stronger,” said King Charles III.

    The king departed toward Valea Zălanului after ending his visit at the Cotroceni Palace. He will be there until Tuesday, when he'll travel to Viscri. Most likely, the sovereign will return from Mureș to the United Kingdom.



    Diana Livesay

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