• German MP Says “Kosovo Is Serbia”

    June 7, 2023
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    German Bundestag Member Petr Bystron, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Petr Bystron, a member of Germany’s Bundestag representing the Alternative for Germany Party told the publication Kosovo Online criticized his country’s handling of the situation in Kosovo and Western policy generally toward Serbia.

    “The Alternative for Germany is extremely concerned about the escalation of violence [in northern Kosovo]. Despite the impressive military presence of the world community, the conflict between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs has not been resolved in the past 24 years. Recognizing Kosovo was a mistake, as well as the West’s unilateral support for Pristina,” declared the German member of parliament.

    Bystron added that “Kurti’s attempt to demonize Serbs and present them as vassals of Russia and Albanians in Kosovo as victims is inappropriate. At the same time, this is consistent with the usual narrative of countries dominated by the U.S.: anyone who gets in the way of American interests is immediately discredited as an agent of Moscow. The ethnocentric chauvinism preached by Kurti should be unacceptable in the European political arena, and what’s more [unacceptable] is the support of any European government [for it].”

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    Discussing the present crisis in northern Kosovo, Bystron said, “I advise them [the protesters] to show restraint at the protests and at the same time not to retreat from political demands. They are right. The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was unjust. The forcible separation of the province of Kosovo from the territory of Yugoslavia was unjust. What is created out of injustice cannot endure. Be consistent. Kosovo is Serbia.”

    The Bundestag member also pointed out the ineptitude of the European Union’s diplomacy in the region. “In principle, dialogue is always possible. But the EU-mediated dialogue in Kosovo can be considered a failure, because Pristina neither respected nor implemented the agreements reached. Once again, the EU has shown its incompetence. It is obvious that the Serbs want the Community of Serb Municipalities as a kind of guarantor of their rights, without which it will be difficult to negotiate,” he said. “The EU must find a new strategy and, if necessary, resort to sanctions. You cannot just look the other way when Pristina has refused for ten years to honor the agreements reached, as in the case of the Kosovo Pact.”



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