• Dodik Says 10-15 Countries Support Secession For Republika Srpska

    November 7, 2023
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    Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska, via his official website

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    Faced with a globalist campaign of lawfare designed to undermine the sovereignty of Republika Srpska, President Milorad Dodik said that while secession is not the current plan of its leadership, 10 to 15 countries that have expressed their willingness to support the Republic should it choose to do so.

    Dodik said that these countries include EU members, as well as other countries of the world. “We don't need more,” affirmed the President in an interview with the Croatian weekly "Nacional."

    When asked if Russia is among those countries, Dodik said that the Russian Federation is now busy with its own problems and issues, but that he will ask. “Russia respects the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that is the official policy we are dealing with. And how Russia will behave at the moment of the new factual situation, we have yet to see.”

    Dodik repeated his previous assertions that Srpska will declare independence if Christian Schmidt tries to impose a law on property because it would mean the complete destruction of Republika Srpska.

    The threat to Republika Srpska is real

    "At that moment, we will schedule a session of the National Assembly and declare the independence of Republika Srpska. What else can we do?’ Dodik declared. “I am just confirming the determination of the political and state leadership and the people of Republika Srpska that if our property is touched, the Republic becomes meaningless, it does not exist. We must defend it and we will make the decision to do so."

    Republika Srpska includes 49 percent of of the territory making up the present state of Bosnia-Herzegovina in accordance with the Dayton Agreement.

    “Republika Srpska is threatened when the Prosecutor's Office and the High Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina impose, without any constitutional basis, and when they send a foreigner who changes legislation and who was not elected to the UN Security Council. The threat to Republika Srpska is real when that foreigner gathers a group of experts to transfer ownership of property, schools, rivers, forests, and agricultural land to the BiH level,” the President of Republika Srpska declared.

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    Commenting on the campaign of lawfare pursued by the globalist forces ruling in Sarajevo, Dodik said, “I was accused by the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which does not exist in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I am being tried in a court that also does not exist in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I didn't indulge in alcohol, hit someone, and cause him physical injuries to go to court, I just signed the decree in accordance with the Constitution.”

    Dodik added that Republika Srpska is also threatened by the fact that they took away its army and made it joint, which is not in accordance with the Dayton Agreement. “They destroyed the intelligence service in Republika Srpska, organized it at the BiH level, and it serves exclusively Muslim interests. They robbed us of indirect taxes and as many as 83 different jurisdictions, imposed a supposedly unique RTV corporation that should manage our cameras in Banja Luka. Can you show me the country where it exists? And then the EU tells us about the rule of law,” Dodik added.

    Bosnia-Herzegovina is unsuccessful and cannot survive for long because it is under the domination of the American Democrat Party and its establishment

    Dodik said that the policy of Republika Srpska is to preserve peace and cooperate on the basis of consensus, but that Bosnia-Herzegovina is unsuccessful and cannot survive for long because it is under the domination of the American Democrat Party and its establishment.

    Dodik stated that it is obvious that no one in Bosnia and Herzegovina wants the country to exist. It was imposed by the will of a former great power. "We should have agreed to another concept, which former U.S. National Security Adviser Sandy Berger proposed, that is to form three independent states in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be dominated by Serbs, Croats, and Bosniak - Muslim component that would be more easily developed and absorbed into the international framework," the President argued.

    "Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of experiments in which various American and other officials are still living, which try to blame anyone who does not agree with their position of false multiculturalism, which is actually advocating for the dominance of the Muslim majority in Bosnia and Herzegovina," Dodik declared.

    Dodik repeated that there is no current plan for the secession of Republika Srpska, but that the option cannot be ruled out.



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