• The Romanian Revolution Of 1989 May Have Been Planned 4 Years Prior

    December 23, 2023
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    A key Romanian military leader, who passed away in 2012, claimed that the Revolution was planned years in advance, and that the deceased civilians were just pawns in the ploy.

    Vice-Admiral Ştefan Dinu claimed that the plan that led to the Revolution of 1989 was hatched abroad. In 1989, Dinu was the head of the Army's Intelligence Directorate. "We had information about the situation in Romania and long before that, even from '85 onwards until the month and year of the Revolution. We, the Intelligence Directorate, deviated slightly from the strict mission of military intelligence. At the request of certain officers and leaders, commanders, and chiefs of staff from the Ministry of Defense, we provided political and economic information to the leadership of the Ministry and the General Staff. This was because there were aspects missing from the information landscape in Romania," said Vice-Admiral Ştefan Dinu.

    Dinu claimed he had precise information about the Revolution not from the USSR but from Serbia. "My Yugoslav counterpart provided us with a very accurate briefing on how events would unfold in Romania. This happened in October 1989. It was indicated that foreign forces specialized in provocations and destabilizing internal political situations would infiltrate Romania," he said.

    The former military official further specified that they were informed these foreign forces would penetrate border cities, incite the population to revolt, and this uprising would spread further inland," stated the head of the Army's Secret Service during an interview on a Romanian news channel.

    Who was Ştefan Dinu?

    Ştefan Dinu was born on February 7, 1929, in the commune of Bobicești Romanați, today Leotești - Olt, Romania. In 1950, he graduated from the School of Political Officers, and in 1953, he completed the Naval Section of the Military Academy. In 1960, he finished the History Faculty at the University of Bucharest.

    In 2010, he published the book "Condemned to Discretion," in which he shared insights from a career dedicated to the Army and the Military Intelligence Secret Service. The book reveals behind-the-scenes details of the military aspects of the Romanian Revolution in December 1989, also addressing the terrorist-diversionist phenomenon that occurred during that time.



    Diana Livesay

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