• Kostadinov Blasts Bulgarian Government's Fake Moves To Combat Anti-Semitism

    December 24, 2023
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    Bulgarian Opposition Leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via his official Facebook page

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    Bulgaria’s main opposition leader Kostadin Kostadinov has raised the alarm about a new initiative by the globalist government in Sofia. Taking its cue from Washington and Brussels, the globalists have set aside over 4.3 million USD to implement a strategy to combat anti-Semitism in the country despite the fact that there are no signs of anti-Semitism in the country. This begs to question who benefits from this money? And why are these funds not being used in the interests of the Bulgarian people?

    Kostadinov pointed out the obvious on his Telegram channel:

    “1. There is a negligible number of Jews in Bulgaria, only a few hundred. They are traditionally fully integrated into the Bulgarian nation and practically all of them, without exception, come from mixed marriages with Bulgarians. So practically they are our compatriots.

    2. Apart from the Jews, the other Semites in Bulgaria are the Arabs, who are slightly more numerous, but they are also fully integrated into the Bulgarian society and nation. Among them, too, mixed marriages are the rule, and especially the second and third generations are indistinguishable from Bulgarians.

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    3. It is noteworthy, however, that the strategy envisages a fight only against anti-Jewish, but not against anti-Arab sentiments, which is interesting given the fact that both communities are Semitic, and this is a strategy against anti-Semitism after all.”

    The leader of Vazrazhdane, the main opposition party opposing the globalist takeover of Bulgaria, added, “Anti-Semitism is a historical phenomenon common to almost all of Europe, but not to Bulgaria. Instead of this money being spent on Bulgarian children, it will literally be thrown into the sea, only for the PPDB-DPS-GERB puppet government to prove itself to its masters. And they have become so many that it is already difficult for me to list the foreign countries to which the supposedly ‘Bulgarian’ rulers bow.”



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