• Serbian Democracy Under Attack By Globalist Attempt At “Color Revolution”

    December 25, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, via his official website

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    Government institutions came under attack in Belgrade as globalist forces, orchestrated and funded from abroad, attempted to violently overthrow the legitimately elected government of Serbia. After an overwhelming victory over the globalist coalition in parliamentary elections on December 17, the so-called “Serbia Against Violence” alliance has itself resorted to violence in an attempt to seize power in the country.

    President Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won a landslide victory, receiving over 46 of the vote, while the opposition leftist globalist “Serbia Against Violence” (SPN) alliance received only 23% of the vote. Having failed to attain power through the ballot box, the globalist opposition is now trying to seize power in a violent attack on government institutions.

    The protestors were instigated by reports from so-called  “election observers” who claim there were widespread vote irregularities during last weekend’s election. No credible evidence of voting irregularities that would have affected the outcome have been presented.

    “Election observers” from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, an instrument of the globalists, claimed “procedural deficiencies” in Serbia’s election. Meanwhile, the Center for Research, Transparency, and Accountability (CRTA), which calls itself an independent, non-partisan civil society organization, but is funded by Western Embassies & Foreign Ministries, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the USAID (known to have helped instigate other color revolutions around the world).

    The “Serbia Against Violence” coalition sent a letter to EU institutions earlier in the week, telling officials and member nations that it would not recognize the outcome of the elections. The globalist alliance called on the EU to do the same and to initiate an investigation.

    Then Sunday the opposition launched a violent coup attempt to take control of state institutions. Riot police in Serbia were forced to used tear gas to stop hundreds of opposition protesters from breaking into the Belgrade council building on Sunday. The organizers of the coup attempt followed the typical Soros-funded tactics employed in other countries.

    The violent demonstrators used flagpoles to demolish doors and break windows, and they then began to throw stones and beer cans at law enforcement. They also destroyed CCTV cameras in an attempt to cover up the criminal acts. By midnight, police had secured the square near the Belgrade city hall and dispersed the protesters.

    At least 35 people were detained for acts of violence. Over 30 police officers were injured, with at least one in critical condition. “This was an attempted violent takeover of the state institutions of the Republic of Serbia,” President Aleksandar Vucic told Pink TV.

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    In an address to the nation, Vučić noted "Everyone saw that for almost three hours the policemen and the property of the citizens of Serbia were brutally attacked by those who decided to destroy democracy in Serbia and the electoral will of our people.

    Everyone saw it, but they wanted to turn the story around, to twist us, to joke with Serbia, to try to make us all crazy together. And in the sea of lies that they spread last night and today, only one thing was true, and that is that they saw a man who looked like Vučić, who was in this very place where I am now [on the terrace of the presidential palace].

    "It is absolutely true, I was on the terrace of the Presidency of my workplace, I was not afraid of them at all, I did not run away to any foreign country, I did not hide in any bunker and I will never hide from thugs. I will always be with our people, we will defend and preserve democracy, we will defend and preserve peace and stability in our Serbia. Long live Serbia!" the President declared in a statement to the Serbian people.

    Vucic stressed that Serbia had advance knowledge of the preparations for the “color revolution” from foreign intelligence services, and he called the attempt to seize the administration an attack on the country’s sovereignty. The President convened an urgent meeting of the National Security Council on Monday to address the situation. Security Council head and Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said the situation is now “stable” following the attempted coup.

    “Realizing that the plans cannot be implemented in Belgrade in a calm, peaceful way, the opposition immediately began protests, which are encouraged and supported from the outside…. I cannot go into details, because this is a confidential conversation and confidential information, but I have irrefutable evidence that there is incitement and support from the West,” the President claimed.

    Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić went into greater detail, telling the media, “Russian intelligence had information about tonight, and they shared it with us. I can only say thank you; perhaps this won't be understood in the West, but tonight I particularly feel it's important to stand up for Serbia and thank the Russian intelligence, who had this information and shared it with us. And then, we shared it with everyone else. And everyone else was saying, 'Well, this is Russian disinformation, spreading fake news.’”

    The Russian Ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, noted that the Serbian leadership is “reacting calmly within the framework of the constitution” to what is happening. He said that Vučić promised to prevent violence and the escalation of tensions. The Russian Ambassador claimed that the incitement of protests in Serbia is definitely coming from the West and that the West wants to put the Serbian opposition in power.

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned the coup attempt, saying “Attempts by the collective West to inflame the situation in the country, using [cookie-cutter] ‘Maidan-style coup d’etat’ techniques are obvious. The only possible reaction is to adhere to the letter and spirit of the country’s constitution and to respect the choice of the Serbian people, who voted for their country's national interests.”



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