• Bulgaria and Romania Pay A Heavy Price For Partial Acceptance Into Schengen

    January 1, 2024
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    Map of the Schengen Area, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Bulgaria’s globalist government led by Soros acolyte Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov together with Romania’s globalist government led by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu cut a deal with Austria for partial acceptance into Schengen. In exchange for Austria partially lifting its veto, Bulgaria agreed to accept 6,000 refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, while Romania will take 2,000. The agreement, however, only allows for the two countries to enter the area of free movement by air and water. 

    Sofia and Bucharest will remain outside the Schengen area by land. In effect, Austria is exporting Muslim refugees that it does not want in its country. Illegal migrants who first registered in Bulgaria and Romania but later applied for asylum in Austria will be forcibly returned to the two countries.

    Commenting on the agreement, Kostadin Kostadinov, the leader of Bulgaria’s main opposition party, posted on Telegram, “In exchange for air-dropped Schengen, we have agreed to take back illegal immigrants who have already passed through our territory on their way to Western Europe under the Dublin Regulations. In other words, our country will slowly turn into a huge camp for Asians and Africans, in which we Bulgarians will gradually become a minority.”

    “I ask: what will happen to these agreements starting next spring, when they will have no legal basis? Will the pro-American regime in Sofia continue to import Asian and African immigrants to Bulgaria under a legally void regulation?” Kostadinov added.

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    The timing of the decision also seems geared to try to prop up failing globalist governments in both Romania and Bulgaria. Romania faces elections in 2024 in which the opposition is heavily favored. The situation is so dire that recent polls show over 60% of Romanians believe they were better off under the regime of former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

    Bulgaria’s government, installed at the behest of the U.S Embassy in Sofia last summer, is completely subservient to globalist interests. While over 70% of the Bulgarian people oppose military aid to Ukraine, the Denkov government is sending military equipment to the Zelensky regime at the behest of its masters in Washington and Brussels. It is also actively taking measures to silence dissent. The question is can the Schengen decision save these flailing regimes or is it already too late?



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