• Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó Defends His Country’s Stance On Ukraine Against Donald Tusk And The Globalist Warmongers

    January 24, 2024
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    Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó, via X (formerly Twitter)

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    During meetings in Brussels, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó defended his country’s right to have its own position on the war in Ukraine against attacks by globalist Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “Hungary is a sovereign country, whether Donald Tusk likes it or not, thus it has the right to represent its position that peace is needed as soon as possible.”

    The Hungarian Foreign Minister rebuked Donald Tusk for disrespectfully attacking Hungary's position on the Ukrainian war, accusing the country of “betraying Europe and being un-European.” Szijjártó questioned Europe’s so-called ‘democratic values’ when only one opinion is deemed acceptable, and others are not tolerated or recognized.

    Szijjártó pointed out, “The situation indeed is, dear Mr. Donald Tusk, Prime Minister, that in Europe, everyone has the right to their own opinion, everyone is entitled to represent their own stance, and, for this, no one can be sanctioned, no one can be labeled un-European, and certainly, no one can be imprisoned.” A reference to the Tusk Government’s forcible takeover of media outlets and imprisonment political opponents since it took office.

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    “We insist that peace should be established in Ukraine as soon as possible, even if Donald Tusk has a different opinion and represents a pro-war stance,” the Hungarian Foreign Minister declared.

    Szijjártó also reiterated Hungary’s refusal to participate in arms shipments to Ukraine and he criticized the EU’s new €5 billion budget proposal for arms shipments as a continuous commitment to war and deemed it “completely unacceptable for Hungary to give new momentum to arms shipments.” He added that the current strategy “has failed” with “no solution on the battlefield for this war,” noting that “the longer it lasts, the more people die and the greater the destruction.”

    In defiance of the globalist establishment in Brussels, Szijjártó advocated for the EU to shift focus to initiating peace negotiations and ceasefires, while also warning against the negative impacts and inconsistencies of sanctions against Russia, especially in the nuclear sector.



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