• Bulgaria’s Globalist Government Subverts Democracy Yet Again

    January 31, 2024
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    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

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    According to information coming from Bulgaria, the country’s Constitutional Court is preparing to issue an opinion where it will uphold the globalist government’s decision to deny the Bulgarian people a voice in deciding to preserve the national currency. If this information proves true, it will be yet another blow to democracy in the Balkan country.

    Since the summer of 2023 when the U.S. Embassy in Sofia orchestrated the installation of a globalist government led by Nikolay Denkov, the wishes of the Bulgarian people have been systematically ignored in favor of the globalist agenda. To deny the people a voice on the issue, the government simply changed the composition of the Constitutional Court to achieve their desired result.

    According to the Bulgarian constitution, a minimum of 400,000 signatures are required to allow the Bulgarian people a voice on important issues affecting the country via referendum. A petition drive led by Vazrazhdane (Renaissance), the country’s leading opposition party, collected over 604,000 signatures asking for a referendum calling on Bulgaria to preserve the country’s national currency, the Lev, through 2043.

    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov reported the news on Telegram, stating, “According to the latest information we have, the Constitutional Court is already writing the reasons for the decision, with which it will reject the request of 604,000 Bulgarians to call a referendum to preserve the Bulgarian lev. Thus, a coup d'état carried out by PPDB-DPS-GERB will be legalized, and the so-called Constitutional Court will become another criminal link in the organized criminal group ruling the state. After the selection of the last two judges, there should be no doubt about that.”

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    “Vazrazhdane is already preparing its response to this crime, which the so-called judges will perform,” Kostadinov added. “We are facing the next stage of the hard struggle to preserve the remnants of Bulgarian independence. The good news in the bad news is that there is an election coming up on June 9th. Vazrazhdane will appear at them together with its allies from other European countries. If we overthrow the criminal coalition PPDB-DPS-GERB in the elections, we will also cause early elections, and with our like-minded people from other European countries we will make it so that with or without a referendum, the euro will not be introduced in Bulgaria and the lev will survive. And along with it, the dignity of our people!!!”



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