• Reminiscent Of Communist Times, Patriots Are Systematically Purged From The Romanian Army

    February 3, 2024

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    Reminiscent of the late 1940s and 1950s, when the Communist regime purged the Romanian military of patriotic officers and soldiers, many of whom were imprisoned or executed, the Romanian Army is once again undergoing a systematic cleansing of those who do not conform with the new ideological tyranny.

    Lieutenant General Gheorghiță Vlad, chief of the General Staff, claims that the Romanian Army will no longer work with officers and rank-and-file members who “seem to promote principles other than pro-Western ones,” in an interview given to the U.S. State Department’s propaganda mouthpiece, Radio Free Europe. The language used by Romania’s top military commander is, of course, newspeak to refer to anyone who opposes the woke globalist agenda being imposed by Washington and Brussels.

    Vlad’s comments were made in response to a question about an open letter last year, signed by more than 500 military personnel, including hundreds of reserve and retired officers, addressed to the political class. Among the signatories, there were 41 generals, 316 colonels, 39 air and marine commanders, 56 lieutenant colonels, 8 majors, 10 captains, as well as 31 military majors and non-commissioned officers.

    The manifesto, was initiated by General (r) Mircea Chelaru, former chief of the General Staff of the Army and a true patriot, scholar, and a man of impeccable character. The document called for maintaining national sovereignty, for regaining Romanian control over natural resources, for measures to bring back to the country a part of the Romanians who emigrated abroad, encouraging the birth rate, supporting the natural family, and the Romanian economy, ending the sale of land to foreigners, etc. Another request of the document is that the “elected and appointed positions, especially those related to national security, should be held only by Romanian citizens, with a single citizenship.”

    For making this simple reasonable declaration intended to defend the interests of the Romanian nation and to preserve its history and culture, General Vlad and the leadership of the Romanian Army began to systematically purge patriotic elements from the military. According to the Romanian Chief of Staff, “Approximately one thousand signatories, including former soldiers, many in reserve, signed an appeal that violates the rules and principles according to which the Romanian Army, which is in NATO, operates as well. Would the army still have the courage to work with such people who seem to promote principles other than pro-Western ones? No. And I think we are the institution in Romania that has completely reformed, one hundred percent. The integrity and morality of the military personnel is beyond doubt. Instead, wrongdoers [i.e. those who do not accept the globalist agenda] must pay. It’s clear.”

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    The woke globalist purge of the Romanian military seems to also be funded by Bill Gates, whom the Romanian military went out of its way to defend, according to a report by R3Media, accusing anyone who expresses doubt about the good intentions of Bill Gates as a conspiracy theorist.

    The purge of all patriotic elements from the Romanian army covers even seemingly innocuous details. In 2022, the defense ministry canceled a song sung by its employees, because it had lyrics by Radu Gyr, a great patriotic poet of the 1940s, even though the poem in question had no political connotation whatsoever.

    The parallels with the purges of the late 40s and early 50s are remarkable. Once again the Romanian military is effectively under the command of foreign masters. An institution that had emerged from the communist era as perhaps the country’s most respected one, has now lost its credibility.



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    Jerry Mander

    Afraid to say "Globalists"? Getting rid of patriots, that is, nationalists, is going on all over the planet. You can't have nationalism in a global government.


    It is inevitable that the globalist and their centralist aims to destroy all cultures, and those historical expressions that define a Nation: Borders, language and culture, are the enemy of all peoples throughout the world. Who are the people who are doing this? Follow the money and you will find the central bankers and a worldwide cadre of the rich and powerful who believe their wealth entitles them to rule over the common people. The only One who is entitled to this honor is the creator.

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