• Serbia To Request Emergency Session Of U.N. Security Council

    February 4, 2024
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, via his official website

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    With tensions in Kosovo on the rise and the danger of renewed violence looming on the horizon, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced that Serbia will request an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council on Monday to address the situation. Vučić said that his country remains committed to international law and is seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

    “In accordance with the UN Charter and Rules of Procedure, on Monday, Serbia will submit a request to hold an emergency session of the UNSC regarding Pristina’s escalating moves,” Vučić said. “I hope that the majority will vote in favor and that the session will take place, and we will not abandon international legal norms.”

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    The Serbian President also announced that all representatives of EU member countries and EU institutions and presidents and prime ministers of the UN Security Council member countries, including Russia and China, will receive a letter from him on Monday pointing out the violations of international legal norms and aggressive moves by the regime in Pristina.

    Vučić added that Serbia is talking with its international partners. “I think there is a huge amount of mistrust towards Pristina and its moves. I think that today everyone understands how right we were when we said that only one side wants to cause chaos, to provoke, to escalate the situation in the southern Serbian province,” the Serbian President said in an address to the nation from the Presidential Palace.



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