• Bulgaria’s Globalist Government On Verge Of Collapse

    March 7, 2024
    GERB Leader Boyko Borissov, via Wikimedia Commons

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    Bulgaria’s globalist government is on the verge of collapse after the resignation of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov. The resignation was expected as part of a rotation of power between the two main globalist parties, GERB and We Continue the Change. The partnership between the competing globalist political forces that had been brokered by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia last summer, however, seems on the verge of collapse as GERB leader Boyko Borissov announced that there will be new elections.

    “If there are no radical reforms in the cabinet, regulators, and the judiciary, we will not participate,” Borissov said. “These people are playing only one game right now – to get out that GERB is to blame for going to the polls. They very well saw the polls that if the two elections are separated, they will crash in the European elections. That is why now they are running 2 in 1, only we have to be the ones to blame.”

    Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said on Wednesday that he would announce the schedule for consultations with the parliamentary groups on Thursday before he offers a mandate for the formation of a new government following Denkov’s resignation.

    “Passions seem to be rising and it is unclear whether the leaders of the outgoing coalition parties are bluffing, playing political poker, upping the ante for an imminent extension of joint rule, or mobilizing their voters for new elections,” President Radev added.

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    We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria co-floor leader Atanas Atanassov tried to downplay the possibility of early parliamentary elections. "We obviously have a situation where the relations between the partners [CC-DB and GERB-UDF] are strained. I hope that specific negotiations will begin at the end of the week. Let the two sides sit at the negotiation table and separate the disputable from the indisputable. And let us seek solutions to the disputable, because there are no unsolved issues where there is political will,” Atanassov declared.

    The question is will the U.S. Embassy be able to hold the two groups together or will early elections be called? If Borissov is correct and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria are hoping to combine new Parliamentary elections with the European elections in June, it would mirror the strategy of the globalist forces in neighboring Romania.



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    Galphon Gadulka

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    Galphon Gadulka

    Долни педераси руски. FUcking russian disgusting fags

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