• Michigan Sherriff Sends Evidence Of Serbian Involvement In Election Interference to Jim Jordan

    March 21, 2024
    Michigan Sheriff Dar Leaf and Congressman Jim Jordan, via X (formerly Twitter)

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    In a letter addressed to Representative Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Barry County, Michigan, Sheriff Dar Leaf outlined details of his investigation into the involvement of Serbian nationals in manipulating U.S. elections. The Sheriff provided evidence along with his letter, explaining “I have no faith in the federal institutions that allowed this garbage in the first place therefore, I am attaching unredacted documents for your review. More importantly, for review by the American people.

    Because Michigan Special Prosecutor D.J. Hilson is trying to quash the investigation, as previously reported in The Balkan, Sheriff Leaf told Jordan, ”I am going to provide portions of my file to Congress for immediate review and investigation.”

    The Sheriff, who has been relentlessly pursuing his investigation since 2020, said “My office has come into possession of evidence that foreign nationals have accessed electronic voting machines in Michigan and other states. This evidence demonstrates that electronic voting machines and electronic election systems used for elections in Michigan and throughout the United States are not secure and an immediate investigation is needed by Congress.”

    Leaf went on to specify the involvement of Serbian nationals in allegedly perpetrating election fraud. “I have evidence in my file of Serbian foreign nationals entering our election system while the votes were being counted, and prior to certification,” the Sheriff asserted in his letter to Jordan. “The election vendor, Dominion, hired these Serbian employees and disclosed in emails that they are not able to provide backgrounds on these individuals due to law in Serbia. It has only been a mere 25 years since conflict involving Serbia. Therefore, the United States has allowed a scenario where potentially Serbian military criminals are running our elections and remotely entering our election equipment.”

    Leaf went on say, “I am investigating the role that some individuals inside the United States have played in conspiring with these foreign nationals, and who have even directed and instructed them to access and interfere with electronic voting machines and electronic voting systems during past elections, including the November 2020 election. Multiple false assurances from state and federal agencies, and private companies that our elections were secure and not compromised through remote network access or otherwise.”

    Dar Leaf then asserted, “I have evidence that U.S. Dominion and its affiliates (Dominion) instructed its employees to alter or otherwise falsify the integrity of the software and hardware in its voting machines and systems to attain certification by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), even when they knew that the systems could not be properly verified and certified.”

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    He added that, “I have evidence that the voting machines and systems are vulnerable to alteration and manipulation, i.e., interference, by the use of thumb drives and external devices that can be surreptitiously connected to voting machines before, during, and after elections.”

    The Sheriff told the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that “my office is also investigating conspiracy crimes, wire services fraud, honest services fraud, and perjury charges, among other criminal acts. The perjury charges stems from assurances by Dominion's CEO during sworn testimony before the Michigan Legislature that its voting machines and voting systems could not be accessed or connected to by outside networks and sources, and that it was a ‘US based company.’”

    Leaf continued by saying, “As I now have evidence that our election equipment is not secure and because election voting machines prevent transparency, and vendors have more oversight and authority to have them examined than the officials that are charged with the constitutional duty to insure our elections are secure, transparent, and fulfill our promise to each and every American that their votes will count, and will be properly tabulated, and not diluted, deleted or otherwise altered, I am presenting you with this letter and an initial tranche of this evidence so that you will review it, and be compelled to investigate this matter and call those responsible for this breach of our Constitution to give testimony concerning these criminal acts and breach of our national security.”



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    Too bad the DOJ and other Federal authorities have become organs of the Democrat Party. Who will bring charges? Nobody. Anyway, even Jordan and the toughest talking of the Republicans stop at that--talking. Jordan will use this information to make a few GREAT sound bites...and that's all he'll do with it.

    Me who

    Don't you mean, "That's all he CAN do!"? That would be a more fitting statement, based on the points you presented!

    Clifford M. Reid Jr

    At least folks are coming forward with the evidence. Most folks know it was stolen. America is experiencing the results of the fraud more and more every day. The sleeping giant is waking up.


    You don't understand deagle 2025: >300 million whites/Christians/men genocided BY Jan. 2025, it was going to be election night, now it's moved up to the day of the eclipse in America.
    Are YOU ready?

    Plato v2.0

    Vote a straight republican party ticket. The vast majority of the corruption of government is within the democrats party. Rid us of the dreaded three letter agency's and put the traitors in jail or on a rope. Then deal with the weasel republicans one by one.


    You'd have to do a "clinton", and on the 2nd day in office you fire 95% of the federal workforce in place since WWII.
    What do think will happen if Trump gets a chance for that?


    Jim Jordan is working HARD to be MORE USELESS than newty newt was....and that's saying something!!!

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