• Romanian Soldiers Killed During Incursion Into Russia

    March 24, 2024

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    According to the Romanian news outlet R3Media, Russian sources have presented a video that they claim shows dead Romanian soldiers who were killed during an incursion into Russian territory. The Romanian tricolor can be seen on the body of one of the dead soldiers. As there is increasing talk about NATO countries sending troops to Ukraine, the evidence indicates that they are already present in significant numbers.

    According to the Russian Telegram channel reporting the news, several Romanian fighters were killed in the Bolgorod region of Russia. A video circulating on Telegram claims to show the bodies of several Romanian fighters who fell during an incursion on Russian territory. On one of the corpses, you can see what appear to be two chargers wrapped in the colors of the Romanian tricolor.

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    The video was published on March 22, two days after a group called Romanian Battlegroup “Getica” announced on Facebook that it had made an armed incursion into Russian territory. At the end of October 2023, the death of the first Romanian citizen fighting in Ukraine was announced.

    Sadly, the globalist regime in Bucharest, under the leadership of Klaus Iohannis is dragging Romania into a senseless war. Contrary to the interests of the Romanian people, the Iohannis Regime, which takes its orders from Washington and Brussels, is providing military support to Ukraine and sacrificing Romanian lives for a country that continues to occupy historical Romanian lands seized illegally by the Soviet Union during World War II. This is even more disturbing as Ukraine is actively engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing against the Romanian population living on the territories it currently occupies.



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    Don't beleive it! Russian false flag. They put the Romanian colors on their own dead soldiers. I'd wager Putin is doing it to justify his eventual use of nukes.

    Eli Dumitru

    Your last sentence is confusing. Are you saying the Romanian government is providing support to Russia for killing Romanians who are living in territory occupied by Russia? The sentence is a run-on sentence. Please break it up into more sentences that each make a clear statement, so we can understand what you're saying. Thanks

    Javier A.

    Russian fascists commit all kinds of atrocities in Ukraine, the free world will continue to fight the evil that represents the totalitarian and criminal regime of dictator Putin.

    Javier A.

    The problem is the totalitarian and criminal regime of the dictator Putin, Ukraine will continue to defend its freedom and its future, as anyone would do. What is inconceivable is that Russia does what it wants.

    Javier A.

    The Ukrainian fields are full of dead Russian fascists, they should have stayed at home, with their families.

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