• Orbán Says Brussels Is Bent On War And Under Soros Domination

    April 20, 2024
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, via his official website

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    During his weekly interview with Radio Kossuth, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Brussels is bent on war and that the key issue in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections will be who is pro-war and who is pro-peace. He also said that Brussels has fallen under the domination of the Soros Empire which is fueling the pro-war fever.

    With European parliamentary elections due to be held in June, Orbán explained that up to now people have thought in terms of traditional categories in European politics. An election between right and left, globalists and pro-sovereignty parties. He explained that now a new dimension has opened up, and the decisive issue will be who is pro-peace and who is pro-war, rather than any party affiliation. 

    “It would be best if voters both in Hungary and the other European countries sent to the European Parliament as many pro-peace politicians and as few pro-war politicians as possible,” the Hungarian Prime Minister explained, adding that the most important task is to put an end to the “war psychosis” dominating Brussels. 

    Orbán said that in Brussels “there is a war atmosphere, war language, and a war logic. Leaders speak as if they were waging their own war against Russia, unlike us, and while we can’t be indifferent to such a human tragedy, we are not a party to the war.” 

    “The distance that would be necessary for a calm approach is lacking entirely in Brussels. Brussels is waging its own war on Ukraine’s side against Russia. They’re at war, and speak accordingly, saying that Russia must be defeated, and in order to achieve that, they’re undertaking ever further commitments,” Mr Orbán added.

    The Hungarian Prime Minister decried the fact that there is no unity about this issue within Hungary itself. While the government is sober and pro-peace, the Left is pro-war. He said the Hungarian Left’s “remote control, umbilical cord” is in Brussels and in America, “this is where they feed them from, this is where they finance them from, and this is why they advocate a pro-war position. He who pays the piper calls the tune.” 

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    Orbán went on to say that Brussels is, in fact, a captive of George Soros’s network, and the Soros network has embedded itself into the European institutions to such an extent that it now receives money from the European institutions. 

    “The people of the Soros Empire do not simply hold influential positions; they have such robust bargaining positions that they are able to help themselves to a part of the money they need to finance themselves from the Brussels budget. They are there, inside the Commission, they are there, inside the European Parliament, and quite a few prime ministers are clearly on Soros’s payroll,” the Hungarian Prime Minister declared. 



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