• Political Turmoil Continues in Bulgaria

    January 9, 2023
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    Bulgaria Parliamentary Election Results, October 2022 by LordOfApples, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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    A second attempt to form a new government in Bulgaria failed on Friday when Parliament overwhelming rejected the governing program proposed by Nikolay Denkov, Prime Minister-designate of Continue the Change Party, the country’s second largest political party.

    Bulgaria has experienced a political crisis since 2020 when thousands took to the streets to protest. Elections held in October proved inconclusive making it difficult to form a governing majority.

    Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will make a final attempt to form a government under the leadership of a different political party. Should this third attempt also fail, the President will have to dissolve parliament and call for new elections within two months.

    Many are concerned that the failure to establish a stable government could jeoparadize Bulgaria’s efforts to enter the Schengen area and to join the Eurozone in 2024, as well as military support for Ukraine – a very unpopular position among many Bulgarians.

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    Violeta Komitova, a leader of the Bulgarian Rise Party, assessed the situation, telling Bulgarian National Radio, “If we get the third mandate, we will seek agreement with all parties on the points which unite us and will not comment on the divisive issues. If Bulgarian Rise holds such talks with the political forces, the party will expect them to sign a coalition agreement by which they will take responsibility for what has been agreed. All kinds of coalitions are possible; the question is whether the parties want to go to early elections. Most likely they don't because more elections will yield the same or similar results. From now on, all governments will be made up of many parties.  There will be multi-party governments in Bulgaria, in the neighboring countries and in the EU, and, being complex coalitions, they will be short-lived.”



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