• Bulgarian President Radev Criticizes Arms Shipments To Ukraine As Country Faces New Elections

    January 22, 2023
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    Bulgarian President Rumen Radev via Wikimedia Commons

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    In the aftermath of revelations about the Bulgarian government secretly providing armaments to Ukraine, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev spoke to the media. Radev told the press that providing arms to Ukraine is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

    He criticized those pushing for further escalation of the conflict, saying that arming Ukraine means there will be many more casualties and no diplomatic settlement to the conflict, which, “pushes us towards a global conflict with the possibility of nuclear self-destruction.”

    He restated his position that Bulgaria should not send weapons to Ukraine. “Those who think otherwise should not only know well the deep political and historical roots of this conflict, but they should present what analysis they have done about the risks and consequences of such an act,” President Radev told reporters.

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    The President also warned that the Nexo scandal, could influence Bulgarian politics and hinder the formation of the country’s next regular government.

    The Bulgarian Socialist Party is set to return the third mandate to for a government to the President on Monday, meaning that Bulgaria will face another round of elections. BSP leader Kornelia Ninova blamed the We Continue the Change and Democratic Bulgaria parties for forming a coalition of war, that is preventing the formation of a new government, telling reporters, “We are going to elections, what will happen after them - the voters decide.”



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