• Vučić: Serbia Does Not Want To Join NATO

    February 6, 2023
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    Special Session of the Serbian Parliament via Twitter

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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić declared on Friday the while Serbia is going through the EU membership process it does not want to join NATO. He made remarks came on the second day of a special session of the Serbian Parliament where the Franco-German Plan for Kosovo, dictated by the United States and the EU, was discussed.

    “Serbia does not want to join NATO. Serbia wants to maintain and strengthen its military neutrality. There is a big difference between European integration and Atlantic integration,” the Serbian President told members of Parliament.

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    Vučić said that Serbia will prevent Kosovo from joining the UN and that it can achieve​​​​​​​ this objective. By a vote of 153-23, with nine abstentions, Parliament approved the government’s report on negotiations with the autonomous region of Kosovo between September 2022 and January 2023. The 40-page report did not mention the Franco-German Plan, but stated that no progress has been made on the Community of Serb Municipalities, police and judiciary, and little progress has been made on energy.

    “The West’s biggest mistake is that they have announced supplies of tanks”

    Vucic also commented on recent moves by the U.S. and its NATO allies to supply tanks to Ukraine. “The West’s biggest mistake is that they have announced supplies of tanks, especially terrific German-made tanks. But they have only rallied the Russian nation,” he told the Serbian Parliament. “It is the West’s biggest political mistake because they have united the Russians in the span of one day.”

    The Serbian President also said that the sanctions imposed by Western nations are having little impact on Russia. “I must admit that the Russians have adapted better [to the sanctions] than anybody in the West and above expectations.”

    Vučić commended the Governor of the Russian Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, for her handling of the monetary situation. “They did the job better than the West had expected,” he said.

    “Today, we are witnessing a kind of World War III”

    He also criticized censorship in the United States and Europe that is not allowing for people to have a true picture of what is going on in Ukraine. “In Serbia, we can freely figure out what both parties to the war think,” Vučić said. “It’s not like this in other countries as there is total censorship everywhere. There are no [opinions] of the two parties, just one party is good and the other is bad.”

    “Today, we are witnessing a kind of World War III,” Vučić added, “which will grow in size and scale, becoming more difficult than it is now as early as in the coming days, weeks, and months.”

    The Serbian leader stressed that Serbia is not providing weapons to Ukraine and has no plans to do so. He added that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is the reason the West is exerting enormous pressure on Serbia to comply with its dictates in all areas, especially in terms of sanctions against Russia.



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