• Radev Calls For Peace In Ukraine, Vows To Veto Sanctions On Russian Nuclear Energy

    February 10, 2023
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    Rumen Radev via Twitter

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    Speaking at the European Council Summit in Brussels on Thursday, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev defended the interests of his people by calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. He also vowed to veto proposed EU sanctions on Russian nuclear energy.

    While most European leaders applauded Zelensky and clamored for an escalation of the war in Ukraine, President Radev, along with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, instead called on the European Union to do everything possible to bring about an immediate halt to the war and to work for peace through diplomatic efforts.

    “It’s time, a year after the beginning of this bloody war, to focus mainly on measures to end it and to resume all diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful solution. It is a bloody war, and we hear fewer and fewer calls for peace. We hear only the voice of weapons. We hear only calls for victory, although no one can define what victory means,” the Bulgarian President told reporters.

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    Radev said that while Bulgaria would continue to help Ukrainian refugees "to the best of its ability…. It is time, one year after the start of this bloody war, to move the focus mostly on measures to stop it, and for resuming all diplomatic efforts in search of a peace solution.”

    Radev also added that “Bulgaria cannot accept sanctions against [Russian] nuclear energy because it will directly affect our nuclear energy. This is forbidden. We are considering all areas where further sanctions are possible. But we are watching very closely the issues where our interests are at stake, like nuclear energy.” He added that Bulgaria would veto sanctions on nuclear energy if it becomes necessary.



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