• Russian Ambassador: Final Status Of Kosovo Depends On Outcome Of Ukraine War

    February 10, 2023
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    In an interview with the Serbian news agency Beta on Thursday, Bocan Harachenko, Russian Ambassador to Serbia, said that the final status of Kosovo will not be resolved until the proxy war between Russia and the West in Ukraine is settled.

    “The status of Kosovo and Metohija will be defined in different geo-political circumstances after the end of the conflict with the West on the territory of Ukraine,” the Ambassador declared, affirming that Russia will ultimately win the war.

    Harachenko stated that the so-called Franco-German plan for Kosovo is not acceptable to Serbia since it requires “Serbia’s acceptance of Kosovo’s membership in international institutions.”

    “Unlike UN SC Resolution 1244, the Franco-German plan is not grounds for a long-term solution. This plan, like many others, anticipates concessions from Serbia without giving anything in return,” the Ambassador continued. “First of all, the base for the plan is that Kosovo will become UN member. That basically means that Serbia must recognize its independence, which the West insists on.”

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    After being administered by the UN following the 1998-99 war, the autonomous Serbian province unilaterally declared its independence in 2008. The Kosovo issue remains the main topic of Serbian politics.

    Asked if Moscow would veto the EU plan in the UN Security Council, Bocan Harchenko said that Belgrade’s attitude is of critical importance. “President Vucic said during the last session of the Serbian Parliament that he refused the Franco-German plan,” he said. “I believe that there is not even the slightest chance that Serbia will accept this plan.”



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