• Globalist Left In Bulgaria Calls For Arms Shipments To Ukraine

    February 16, 2023
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    Leaders of the parties within the Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria coalition signing coalition agreement, via Facebook

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    Continue the Change and Democratic Bulgaria Wednesday, parties on the globalist left who have formed an electoral alliance for the upcoming elections in Bulgaria on April 2, are urging the President and caretaker government to fulfill a resolution adopted by the last Parliament to send military aid to Ukraine. Both parties are seen as pro-NATO and pro-European Union and have close ties to officials in Brussels and Washington who are directing their policies.

    The parties accuse President Rumen Radev of placing himself above the Parliament and creating artificial divisions in society. Public opinion surveys in Bulgaria, however, contradict their claims. A recent Eurobarometer Survey published by the European Union shows that only 30% of Bulgarians approve of financing the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine.

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    On November 3, 2022, the 48th National Assembly passed a resolution mandating the government to prepare military aid for Ukraine. On December 23, 2022, the Defense Ministry said that a logistical operation for sending military aid to Ukraine had begun. Of course, the government subsequently fell and parliament had to be dissolved.

    Then it was revealed that the Bulgarian government led by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov had lied to its own people and illegally shipped arms to Ukraine in the spring of 2022 in violation of Bulgarian law. On February 14, President Radev, who opposes such a move, reiterated that he is “firmly opposed” to sending arms to Ukraine and advocates for a negotiated settlement to the conflict.



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