• Bulgaria’s Revival Party Succeeds In First Steps To Prevent Eurozone Entry

    February 19, 2023
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    Bulgarian Revival Leader Kostadin Kostadinov via Facebook

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    The Revival (Vazrazhdane) Party, which is spearheading the resistance to joining the Eurozone in Bulgaria, celebrated a major victory in their efforts against the globalists when caretaker Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova announced on Friday that the country will not be adopting the Euro on January 1, 2024, as previously anticipated. She said that Bulgaria has not met its commitments amid popular protests led by Revival against the move. “Given that we won’t submit a convergence report, the deadline for joining the eurozone set for January 1 2024 cannot be met,” she told reporters. She added that if Bulgaria meets the criteria, submits a convergence report, and has the support of EU member countries, it can join the eurozone no later than January 1, 2025.

    The Revival Party began a petition drive across the country to force a referendum to preserve the Bulgarian Lev five weeks ago. The party held a press conference on Thursday to report their progress. Organizers of the initiative reported that, to date, 247,000 signatures had been collected. This number does not include signatures expected from partner civil society organizations and signatures collected abroad, so the organizers believe the actual number is closer to 300,000. A total of 500,000 signatures are needed by the deadline of April 10 in order to force the referendum. The party anticipates that they will have collected between 550-600,000 signatures by that date, meaning Bulgarians will have the opportunity to express their voice at the polls about joining the Eurozone.

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    Revival leader Kostadin Kostadinov told supporters on Facebook, “We welcome this demonstration of common sense by the government and the respect shown to the will of the hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians who signed and continue to sign in the referendum subscription.”

    Kostadinov expressed his optimism that his party’s initiative to preserve the Bulgarian Lev will ultimately succeed. “We have achieved the first major victory in the battle for preserving the leva and Bulgaria’s financial independence! We will win in the others – we will collect half a million signatures, call a referendum and win it!!! Today, the Bulgarian people took an important step on the road to freedom! It is high time to become clear that we Bulgarians can also say NO when something is not in our interest. It’s time… to start behaving like a free and independent country!”

    There is concern that globalist forces within Bulgaria, who do not want to give the public an opportunity to weigh in on the issue, are seeking to subvert the referendum initiative and are looking for ways to reject the petition regardless of the number of signatures collected. Former Prime Minister and Continue the Change party leader Kiril Petkov, a leading globalist in the country, insists that the January 2024 deadline can still be met despite the government’s announcement. The upcoming parliamentary election in Bulgaria on April 2 will be critical in Revival’s efforts to stop Bulgaria’s entry into the Eurozone.



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    If you adopt the euro, it will be the end of your sovreignety and the beginning of economic devastation.

    The corrupt "Croatian" mock "government" has betrayed his people, pray that Bulgarians fight for that not to happen in Bulgaria.

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