• U.S. Moves To Prop-Up Pro-Western Government In Moldova

    February 26, 2023
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    Maia Sandu, with her newly-appointed Prime Minister Dorin Recean (kneeling), via Twitter

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    Moldova’s President Maia Sandu met with United States Ambassador to Moldova Kent D. Logsdon on Friday. It was announced at the meeting that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), under the direction of Samantha Power, will provide Moldova with three hundred million dollars to deal with the energy crisis facing the country.

    The financing will include eighty million dollars in direct budgetary support to cover rising prices for electrical energy. Another 135 million dollars will be used to support projects for electric energy generation to help Moldova diversify its electric sources. Another 85 million will be provided to Moldova to support alternative energy sources.

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    USAID is well-known for meddling in the internal affairs of smaller countries. Under the direction of Samantha Power this has become especially pronounced. The U.S. move is clearly intended to prop up Maia Sandu and her deeply unpopular government, which has an approval rating below 30%. Moldova’s President expressed her gratitude for the support vital to her political survival stating, “Even if they do not come to the country’s budget immediately, these funds represent a sign of support and are encouraging for us.”



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