• Vučić Speaks Out On EU Plan For Kosovo

    March 2, 2023
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    Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, via his official website

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    Following his meeting with in Brussels on Monday with EU leaders and the prime minister of the autonomous province of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić spoke to the media, in an interview published on his official website, about the so-called Franco-German plan for Kosovo. He revealed the dictatorial nature of so-called European diplomacy in pursuit of its globalist agenda. “That plan of the European Union came as an idea of Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz and they came to Belgrade, they brought a paper, they didn’t ask anyone, there was no possibility for negotiations at all, they said – take it or leave it,” Vučić said. “Anyone who has any emotion and the least bit of pride, he would say – get out of here. But when you lead the country, you can’t just be guided by that, you have to think, and they clearly told me what the consequences of directly rejecting the plan are.”

    Vučić said that Macron and Scholz threatened him that the consequences of not accepting their plan would include stopping the process of European integration and withdrawing Western investments from Serbia. He added that they warned him “A number of other comprehensive measures would be coming, including that our country would become a “pariah,” that is, it would be isolated from the world.”

    When asked about his meeting with Kurti in Brussels on Monday, the Serbian President said, “there was a conversation, we did not agree, we talked, we will continue and there will be many more talks, nothing more than that,” adding that nothing was secretly negotiated regarding Kosovo and Metohija.

    “I want to tell all the people in Serbia and all Serbs that it is important to talk. When you are at the negotiating table, decisions cannot be made about your skin without you. If we were not at the negotiating table, we would be kicked out. So, either we stay in the talks or we abandon everything. We would then suffer severe consequences like in the nineties with results that were the worst in two thousand years with a complete economic collapse from which we would not recover,” Vučić said.

    "the French, Germans, and Americans are advocating for an independent Kosovo”

    “I said that to Macron and Scholz in Munich and Borrell repeated it, that I do not want and cannot negotiate on the international recognition and entry of Kosovo and Metohija into the United Nations. I am open to discussions about everything else, because it is good for Serbia’s European path and relations between Serbs and Albanians,” the President explained, adding that “we should agree to live peacefully and that no one shoots at our children.”

    Source: Aleksandar Vučić Official Website

    When asked about the fact that the EU proposal states that Serbia will not oppose Kosovo’s membership in international organizations and whether the U.N. is implied in that, Vučić replied, “It implies that, and that’s why I didn’t sign it…. You all pretend to be naive, like you woke up yesterday as if you don’t know that the French, Germans, and Americans are advocating for an independent Kosovo.”

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    “Yes, we need the normalization of relations with the Albanians and it will not be easy,” Vučić explained, but “I will not implement Kosovo’s membership in the U.N., nor anything similar, and I have repeated that 50 times and talked about it in the Parliament as well.” He added that EU representative Miroslav Lajčak will visit Belgrade and Pristina to discuss an implementation plan. “Both we and they will propose something, and I’m telling you – I’m ready to discuss and negotiate about everything else as an implementation plan, but I’m not going to sign this,” Vučić reaffirmed.

    “I am convinced that they will not form the Community of Serbian Municipalities in the near future"

    The Serbian President said that the formation of a Community of Serbian Municipalities [CSM] is the key starting point for any agreement. “What is important for us, apart from our competencies, is the strengthening of local democracy, supervision over the development of the local economy, education, social welfare and health care, urban and rural planning, living conditions for retirees, research activities, so they can promote the common interests of the members of the Community of Serbian Municipalities and represent them before the central authorities in Pristina,” the President explained. “It [CSM] consists of the assembly of the president, the council, the board, and the administration. They deal with and have the right to movable and immovable property, their companies, symbols, the flag, and to conclude contracts. Decisions will be made by a two-thirds majority. You need seven out of 10.”

    Vučić said that other issues can only be discussed when the Community of Serbian Municipalities is formed, which, as he explained, consists of 10 municipalities. He added that whether the Union of Serbian Municipalities will be formed depends on how much pressure will be put on those [Albin Kurti] who do not want to fulfill the obligations from the Brussels Agreement. Vučić added, “I am convinced that they will not form the Community of Serbian Municipalities in the near future. We will see whether it will be a month, two, three, or six, but one day someone will have to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities. When they form it, then it is up to us to talk about other topics.”

    "I personally called and begged Putin to help us at the United Nations and that’s why we don’t bear the stamp of a genocidal nation"

    Turning to the situation with Russia and the war in Ukraine, the Serbian President said that there are no new pressures on Serbia due to the non-introduction of sanctions against Russia, but that the country is still paying the price for its principled decision and that it is always a danger. He said that when Serbia entered the Eurobond market, his country had to pay at least 0.5 percent higher interest rates because it did not impose sanctions on Russia. “Our finances are excellent and we did better than Romania, which is a member of NATO and the EU and imposed sanctions on Russia….,” Vučić explained. “Serbia has excellent public finances, all financial investors want to invest in Serbia, but the problem was that we did not introduce sanctions against Russia, and because of that we pay an additional 0.5 percent on those huge sums of money, which is a direct financial loss.”

    Source: Aleksandar Vučić Official Website

    Vučić emphasized, however, that the decision to not impose sanctions has nothing to do with money. “Russia helped us in 2015 on an important issue, regardless of the fact that they imposed sanctions on us in 1992. But I will not forget the year 2015, when I personally called and begged Putin to help us at the United Nations and that’s why we don’t bear the stamp of a genocidal nation. Otherwise, we would be labeled as such a nation in the U.N.”

    Vučić cautioned that Serbia’s national interests must not be gambled with. He pointed out that the West gave up on a large market like Russia and withdrew from it in seven days, so one should not ask whether the West is bluffing or not. “I am not a gambler, I worry about every dinar and every person in this country. I will not deal with whether the West is bluffing or not,” the President stated, adding that to think the West will not leave Serbia because it has invested a lot here, is stupid and irresponsible.

    “The Ukrainian-Russian conflict is in full swing and offensives on both sides will soon follow. Because everyone is in a hurry and no one can endure this war of attrition any longer, so both of them will launch a general offensive,” Vučić explained, adding that some officials told him “we have a war in Europe, we are part of it even though we say that we are not.” But the Serbian President emphasized that his country will not be drawn into the conflict and that the goal of the Government of Serbia is “to save only Serbia from conflicts and wars, not to behave irresponsibly, and at the same time to preserve strategic its vital and national interests.”



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