• Chances Growing For Bulgarians To Reject The Euro

    March 3, 2023
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    Revival (Vazrazhdane) Leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

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    The signature drive to force a referendum on Bulgaria’s adoption of the Euro being led by the Revival (Vazrazhdane) Party, one of the leading conservative nationalist political formations in the country, has collected another 44,000 signatures. This brings the total to 344,000 signatures of the 500,000 needed by the April 10 deadline to force a national referendum on the issue.

    Party leaders expect that at the current pace of about 50,000 new signatures each week, 550-600,000 signatures will be collected by the deadline. One of the initiative leaders, Svetoslav Todorov, specified that the 344,000 signatures collected to date only represent signatures collected by Revival members. “These do not include the signatures of our partner civil organizations,” Todorov told the Bulgarian media, adding that this number does not include signatures collected by volunteers and other civic organizations around the country, as well as those received from Bulgarians living abroad.

    With only a month to go before parliamentary elections, Revival leader Kostadin Kostadinov told supporters on Facebook, “The struggle for our freedom and independence continues and we will win together! A tribute to our thousands of tireless volunteers!.... Every day you open the eyes of thousands and thousands of Bulgarians! There will be a referendum and we will win it! Choose freedom!

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    If the signature drive succeeds and the referendum is successful, Bulgaria could join the short list of nations that have maintained their financial independence, despite the push by globalists to compel countries to adopt the European currency and thwart Brussels’ efforts to colonize the Balkan countries.



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