• Poll Shows Bulgarian Conservatives Lead In Upcoming Elections

    March 4, 2023
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    With Bulgarian parliamentary elections scheduled for April 2, the latest poll conducted by the Mediana Agency shows conservatives leading. GERB, the conservative populist party led by former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has a ten-point lead over its nearest rival, the left globalist We Continue the Change party, according to a new poll conducted by the Mediana agency.

    According to the poll, eight political groups are likely to receive enough votes to be represented in the next National Assembly. Seven of these parties were represented in the last parliament. Polls show that the conservative party led by former caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev, Bulgarian Rise, will also meet the four percent threshold for representation.

    The poll shows that if the election was held now, 26% of the respondents would vote GERB, while only 16 percent would choose the discredited We Continue the Change party, tarnished by the scandal surrounding illegal arms shipments to Ukraine under former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. The Bulgarian Socialist Party has 13%, followed by conservative nationalist party Vazrazhdane (Revival), led by Konstadin Kostadinov. with 12% and the centrist Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) with 11%.

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    The remaining three parties with a chance to enter the new parliament are Democratic Bulgaria with 6% (a coalition of extreme leftist parties), Bulgarian Rise with over 5 percent, and There Is Such a People, a populist party founded by Bulgarian singer, TV host and politician Slavi Trifonov with 4.7%. Stand Up Bulgaria, a leftist party, falls short with only 3 percent support.

    The Mediana survey shows a likely lower voter turnout for the April 2 election than the 35 percent of voters who participated in the last elections on October 2, 2022. The party with the greatest potential for growth is the conservative nationalist Vazrazhdane Party. Kostadinov’s party has an excellent organization throughout the country with passionate and engaged activists. The part is leading lead the fight to defend Bulgaria’s financial independence by organizing a signature drive to force a referendum to prevent the adoption of the Euro in the country.

    The most popular politician in the country remains President Rumen Radev with a 52% approval rating. The survey reveals Bulgarians are increasingly concerned about their economic well-being. 61% think that the situation in the country will worsen in the coming year, and 47% believe their personal material situation will worsen. An alarming 40% say that they will have to reduce spending on basic necessities like heating and food in the coming months. 12% fear that they will experience extreme poverty.



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