• Tensions Rise In Bosnia As U.S. Ambassador Michael Murphy Attacks Serbs

    March 7, 2023
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    U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Michael J. Murphy, via Wikimedia Commons

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    With tensions on the rise in Bosnia as the West powers try to artificially impose a globalist multi-ethnic state on the population living there, U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Michael J. Murphy is irresponsibly stirring up conflict in the fledgling country. Murphy used the occasion of Bosnia’s “Independence Day” to attack Bosnian Serbs who make up over 30% of the country’s population.

    After congratulating the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the controversial March 1 Independence Day holiday, and praising the achievements of Bosnian “democracy” over the past three decades, he launched a vitriolic attack on Bosnian Serbs. “Politicians like Milorad Dodik and his allies ignore the reality that the leaders of Republika Srpska, including his political party, worked with their colleagues from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to build these state institutions by voluntarily transferring competencies in the interest of a better, more functional Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the Ambassador said. “This denial of facts and the alleged legal claims that we hear from Republika Srpska are not only an attack on the state institutions that BiH worked diligently to establish – they are an attack on the very spirit of compromise that transcends ethnic and political lines, and which is at the heart of the Dayton Peace Agreement.”

    The Ambassador went on to speak like a colonial master, declaring that Bosnia and Herzegovina “belongs to the West.” Any democratic political decisions that do not align with the U.S. policy are ironically attacked as “un-democratic.”

    The Ambassador’s provocatory remarks directed at democratically elected leaders of Republika Srpska, prompted a response from President Milorad Dodik who responded on his official website. “The Republika Srpska does not accept congratulations on the occasion of March 1 and we perceive every congratulation on this day as a pure provocation, because that date was a prelude to the civil war in BiH and the Republika Srpska can never celebrate it,” Dodik declared.

    “Apart from the fact that March 1 is one of the most tragic dates in the history of BiH in the last 50 years…,” Dodik explained, “that date was never agreed upon as a common holiday according to the procedure prescribed by the Dayton Peace Agreement. Murphy knows this very well, and persistently sends a bad message to the Serbs, humiliates all the victims of the civil war.”

    In response to Murphy’s declaration that Bosnia and Hezegovina “belongs to the West,” President Dodik declared, “Republika Srpska belongs to its citizens, and it has friends both in the west and in the east, and Murphy knows this very well, and Murphy cannot change that. When I saw how hard the American ambassador was writing this morning, I remembered the joke circulating on social media that America is the happiest country in the world because there is no American ambassador.”

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    The anti-Serb rhetoric of Ambassador Murphy has emboldened Muslim nationalists. Only days after Murphy’s irresponsible remarks, the radical Muslim cleric Reis Kavazovic implied violence in issuing public threats against Bosnian Serbs. He declared, “we must be ready to defend this country even with arms.” 

    The uproar caused by the Muslim leader’s call for violence led the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo to issue a press release to justify the radical Islamist leader’s remarks. “Let’s start with the first part of the Reis’ observation that there are ongoing attempts to undermine the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  He is right.  These attacks are coming from within by political leaders, such as Milorad Dodik, who frequently attacks the state in word and deed, often calling BiH itself into question.” 

    The U.S. Embassy under Murphy routinely denies that the citizens of Republika Srpska have the right to determine their own destiny. The official position of the Embassy is that should the citizens of Republika Srpska decide through Democratic means to choose a different path than the one imposed by Western globalists, “it should come as no surprise that after myriad attacks, verbal and otherwise, by Milorad Dodik on Bosnia and Herzegovina that some of its citizens believe that a time may come when they will need to defend it from him.”

    Dodik responded to the U.S. press release, stating the Embassy “is on the side of Muslims and that Serbs should think about it. Allowing someone who is a religious leader to threaten with a weapon means that political Islam is being introduced here in an armed sense, as it has been done in some other places in the world. If the U.S. ambassador thinks that’s okay and uses it as an attack on the Republika Srpska, that is, on me personally, let it speak more about him and not about me.”



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    Big Crow

    OH they're still rattling for some payolah from the US. I often quote a Bosnian nurse I know: "In my country we let the old people die in peace, unless theu're Serbs".

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