• Romania Receives Permission To Measure The Depth Of The Bâstroe Canal

    March 21, 2023
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    According to Irinel Scrioşteanu, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Ukraine has officially given consent to Romania to carry out measurements of the depth of the Bâstroe canal.

    "We will start measurements in the area, between kilometers 11 and 22, and in other regions such as Solomonov. In total, we are talking about another 65 kilometers, including Bâstroe", said the state secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Irinel Scrioşteanu, for MEDIAFAX, Romanian Press Agency. He stated there will be some differences from the previous measurements.

    "In the future, we might even use Ukrainian ships and equipment, a possible outcome from a discussion with the Defense Ministry," concluded Scrioşteanu. Last week, Ukraine gave partial consent to measurements on the Ukrainian side of the Chilia branch, according to Sorin Grindeanu. He stated:

    "It is in the interest of both countries to clarify the issue of the dredging carried out by Ukraine on the entire Chilia branch and the Bâstroe canal". […] Ukraine has given partial consent to start measurements on the Chilia branch starting tomorrow. This agreement concerns the sector between km 22 and km 116 on this branch of the Danube, and the measurements will only take place during the day. During previous discussions with the Ukrainian officials, we requested that the measurements on the Chilia branch start from km 11.”

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    Despite this, the Minister of Transport emphasized the need for Romania's specialized vessels to be granted access to other sectors of the Chilia branch, specifically those between km 11 and km 22, as well as the Bâstroe canal. It is important to note that the ongoing works at the Bâstroe canal have not had any adverse effects on the biodiversity of the Danube Delta, as confirmed by the Minister of the Environment, Tanczos Barna, on March 9.

    Moreover, initial measurements indicate that the flow of the Danube has remained consistent with the statistical flows of recent years in that region. The Minister's statement underscores the government's commitment to balancing economic growth with environmental protection and ensuring sustainable development. By providing access to the Chilia branch and the Bâstroe canal, Romania's fleet of specialized vessels will be better equipped to support the country's trade and transport activities, while at the same time, minimizing any potential negative impacts on the natural ecosystem.

    The Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest reported on February 18 that due to significant natural sedimentation, operational dredging works have been carried out on the navigable maritime canal for several years now. The Bâstroe canal, which connects the Black Sea to the Danube River, plays a crucial role in maritime transportation, and accurate measurements of its depth are necessary to ensure safe and efficient passage for ships of varying sizes.



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