• Bulgarians Rise Up Against The War In Ukraine

    March 12, 2023
    Bulgarians in Sofia protesting the war in Ukraine on Sunday, via Twitter

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    Thousands protested throughout Bulgaria on Sunday demanding that Bulgaria remain neutral in the war in Ukraine. Rumors of government plans to send Bulgarian soldiers to fight in Ukraine fueled the protests. The Bulgarian population overwhelmingly opposes the country’s involvement, but many of the political elites, financed by the U.S. and EU, continue to try to serve the interests of their Western masters while ignoring the needs and wishes of their own population.

    Protesters gathered at Alexander Burov Square in central Sofia on Sunday afternoon demanding that Bulgaria stay out of the conflict in Ukraine. The protesters prayed for peace and carried banners with slogans reading “Bulgaria a zone of peace – We do not shoot at brothers!,” “Eastern front once again – without us!” “No Bulgarian boys to the slaughterhouse.” Many carried Bulgarian and Russian flags. Protesters also canted anti-NATO slogans.

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    The Bulgarian National Peace Council and the group Free and Peaceful Bulgaria organized the protests. Signatures were also being collected to initiate a popular referendum against adopting the euro at three different locations in the area around the Presidential administration building. The patriotic party Vazrazhdane is spearheading the drive for the referendum in an effort to preserve the financial independence of the country. One participant explained, “We have come here to demand peace!”

    Bulgarians in the town of Shipka protesting the war, via Twitter

    Protests also took place and Varna and other cities throughout the country. The government officially denies any plans to send Bulgarian soldiers to Ukraine, but recent revelations that the government under former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov secretly funneled munitions to Ukraine leads many to doubt the credibility of the government denials. With parliamentary elections scheduled for April 2, many fear Western interference could skew the results.

    The Globalists in the West are using anti-democratic means to suppress the growing opposition to the war. Germany banned members of the long-standing organization Victims of Nazism, a non-partisan association of people persecuted by the Nazi regime, from traveling to Bulgaria to join the protests.



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    Dan Gilfry

    No HUMANS want to fight for the NAZIS,

    Real HUMANS support their Brothers and Sisters in Russia!


    Go Putin! And the orthodox Christians!!! DEEstroy the demons of Babylon!! (actually, that's real)

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