• Romanian MP Calls For Country To Withdraw From NATO And Expel Foreign Troops

    March 27, 2023
    Romanian MP Mihai Ioan Lasca, via Facebook

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    There are signs of growing discontent in Romania with the globalist escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. On Tuesday, Romanian member of parliament Mihai Ioan Lasca, a deputy from Bihor, declared during a session of parliament that “Romania is on the brink of an abyss, the country is under NATO military and non-military occupation. Romania’s accession to NATO and the EU was a fatal strategic mistake.” He called on the Romanian government to order the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country’s territory and to proclaim neutrality to avoid war with Russia.

    Lasca, who entered parliament as a member of Alianța pentru Unirea Românilor (AUR), said that the government in Bucharest should cancel its obligations as a NATO member. “I appeal to the Romanian deputies who care about the fate of the country to urgently initiate a legal procedure to denounce all of Romania's international commitments to join NATO.”

    Since March 2021, Lasca has served as an independent deputy and representative of the Patriots of the Romanian People Party. “The very expansion of NATO to the East aimed at starting a war against Russia by using Ukraine as a trigger for this military conflict. Western strategists have shown great skill in manipulating our historical traumas and feeding the myth of the ‘Russian danger’ to trap us,” Lasca told parliament.

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    “The time has come to realize that we are under a double occupation, military and non-military. The military one is the consequence of Romania’s accession to NATO and the presence of foreign troops on our territory. The non-military one is economic, respectively cultural and cognitive. In order not to drag the country into war, we must renounce the presence of foreign soldiers and we must declare our neutrality,” Lasca added.

    Earlier in the week, Romanian Senator Diana Șoșoaca introduced legislation to right a historic injustice and reclaim the Romanian territories illegally seized by the former Soviet Union during World War II and currently occupied by Ukraine. Ukraine’s occupation of the Northern Bucovina, Herța, Buceagul (Cahul, Bolgrad and Ismail), historical Maramureș, and Snake Island was recognized in a 1997 treaty imposed on Romania by Western powers. The Zelensky regime, however, has violated the provisions of that treaty by refusing to respect the rights of the Romanian minority living in the occupied territories making it null and void.



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    This is very smart wish the IDIOTS in Poland GErmany did the same and Bulgaria withdrew its application! Russia i winning big time in ukraine and soon will take Kiev. Russia can at this time take all of NATO only the stupid do not understand this


    NATO should be eliminated, it’s run by globalist’s not the country’s paying out their money and being responsible for NATO’S actions.

    Seamus O’Bryan

    Now here we have a European with both BRAINS and BALLS!

    Chris Hyams


    We stand in solidarity with the people of RUSSIA.

    End the NATO/US and its EU/Zelensky puppets aggression in Ukraine!

    Since the 2014 coup,Ukraine has fallen into the hand of the globalist mafia.

    We advocate for peace and an immediate withdrawal of NATO, US and EU controlled troops from Ukraine.

    Ukrainians have chosen by referendum in Crimea and Donbass.Referendum are forbidden in the totalitarian West because the criminals in power know Europeans would vote against them.

    Russia now represents Europe heritage and the Free World against globalist and techno-fascists.


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