• Four Balkan Nations Pledge Total Subservience To Brussels

    April 4, 2023
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    During meetings in Skopje last week, officials from four Western Balkan countries – Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia –launched a new foreign policy initiative that they are calling “Western Balkan QUAD – 100% compliance with EU foreign policy.” The initiative was ostensibly spearheaded by Bujar Osmani, foreign minister of North Macedonia whose country is the current chair of the OSCE, Albania’s Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Olta Xhacka, Kosovo’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Kreshnik Ahmeti, and the foreign policy advisor to the prime minister of Montenegro, Djordje Radulovic.

    Shredding any sense of national dignity and renouncing their independence in favor of financial promises from Brussels and Washington, the four countries involved in the initiative pledged full compliance with the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) “in light of the new geopolitical reality, hybrid threats, the energy crisis and the economic consequences caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” according to a statement released by the North Macedonia foreign ministry.

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    The four countries were among the first to respond to calls from Washington and Brussels to impose sanctions on Russia following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine last year, and have also sent aid to Ukraine. Of course, the move was symbolic, designed to signal obedience to their new colonial masters. Their sanctions had no real impact on Moscow.

    Many view the real purpose of the new foreign policy initiative as directed against Serbia. Ognjen Karanovic, president of the Center for Social Stability, told Kosovo Online,  “The initiative of the association of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and so-called Kosovo's inclusion in the ‘Western Balkan Four’ has a distinctly anti-Serbian agenda…. and is another step in the direction of rounding off the Albanian political issue in the region, i.e. the realization of the project of creating a ‘Greater Albania,’ …The anti-Serb narrative of that summit can also be seen in the title of the summit, where it is clearly indicated that Serbia had not harmonized its foreign and security policy with Brussels, although our country does not have that obligation, because it is not a member of the EU.”

    Although portrayed as the independent initiative of the countries involved, the project was, in fact, initiated by Germany, which, with the approval of Washington, has been working to impose globalist hegemony over the Balkans. German foreign policy in the Balkans, which has the full support of the United States, is reminiscent of the 1930s and early 1940s and we know from history the tragic results that it led to. As the saying goes, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”



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