• Referendum To Reject The Euro In Bulgaria Moves Forward

    April 11, 2023
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    Members of Vazrazhdane presenting signatures to the National Assembly, via Facebook

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    In what could be one of the most important political developments in the Balkans this year, the petition drive led by the Vazrazhdane Party in Bulgaria to preserve the Bulgarian Lev as the country’s official currency ended on April 10 with a total of 604,000 signatures. As the minimum required number to force a referendum is 400,000, this means that barring anti-democratic interference in the process from Euro-Atlantic powers and their allies, Bulgarians will have the choice to opt for their financial independence from Brussels. This marks the first time a people in Eastern Europe will have the chance to reject the globalist policies of the European Union.

    The proposal is to conduct the referendum simultaneously with the local elections this fall. “For the first time, Bulgarian citizens will be asked whether they want to retain the Bulgarian lev or to lose it,” Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov told reporters. He added that the list of signatures comprised over 37,000 pages. Kostadinov is confident of the referendum’s success.

    Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov, via Facebook

    The specific referendum question being proposed is: “Do you agree that the Bulgarian lev should be the only official currency in Bulgaria until 2043?” The proposed referendum question is deftly worded this way to bypass a ban on holding referendums on matters for which have been agreed to by international accords as the European Union did not want the people to have a voice on these matters. Bulgaria made a commitment to join the eurozone in its accession treaty.

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    Vazrazhdane organizer Tsoncho Ganev explained the choice of 2043, saying that by 2043 Bulgarians will likely have higher incomes and will be capable of withstanding the pressure of adopting the Euro, but on the other hand, “it is not clear whether the EU will still be around then.” 



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