• Bulgarians Will Have The Chance To Reject The Euro And Escape Globalist Tyranny

    March 31, 2023
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    Vazrazhdane Party leaders announcing petition drive results, via Facebook

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    Thanks to the efforts of the Vazrazhdane (Revival) Party led by Konstadin Kostadinov, Bulgarians will have the chance to reject the Euro and maintain the country’s national currency, the Lev. The Party spearheaded a petition drive to force a referendum on the adoption of the Euro. This will mark the first time a people in Eastern Europe will have the chance to reject the globalist policies of their ruling elites.

    Kostadinov announced that the party has collected over 500,000 signatures during the 11 weeks of the petition drive from Bulgarians all around the world. “We are about to make the biggest breakthrough in 30 years and Bulgaria is about to say no to several Great Powers on joining the Eurozone,” Kostadinov told reporters. He added that about 10% of the signatures collected do not fully meet the legal requirements, leaving about 450,000 valid ones. That number is well above the minimum of 400,000 needed to guarantee the referendum will be legally binding.

    The Vazrazhdane leader is confident that the referendum will be won by the Bulgarians. The signatures will be submitted to government officials between April 6 and 9. Kostadinov is concerned about falsification and interference from the Bulgarian security services in validating the signatures, but he remains confident that his party will prevail and that the referendum will be held in the fall, in conjunction with local elections.

    If the referendum is successful, the Lev would remain the Bulgarian currency until 2043, thwarting the plans of globalist politicians to sacrifice the country’s financial independence. It would mark the first time a former East European country has asserted its political independence from the Western globalist elites that have worked tirelessly to colonize these countries since the fall of communism.



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