• 92-Year-Old Romanian Man Run Over By 40 Cars On A Hungarian Highway

    May 8, 2023
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    The elderly man was trying to cross the highway when he was hit and killed by a foreign car. 40 other vehicles ran over his body before the authorities arrived. The police are still looking for the hit-and-run driver.

    The tragedy took place on May 2nd on highway M0 near Budapest. According to witnesses, the 92-year-old man was traveling on a bus that stopped for a break. He disembarked together with a few other travelers to go to a nearby restaurant. It’s unknown why the man changed his mind and started walking in the opposite direction, toward the highway, but got stuck in the middle of the road because he couldn’t climb over the concrete divider.

    A witness stated he tried to walk back to the restaurant but got hit by a car while he was crossing the highway. He said he lost count of how many cars run over him after he counted 11.

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    For 20 heartbreaking minutes, the man’s body was run over by more than 40 cars and dragged across the pavement. When the police arrived, they stopped traffic and discovered his remains spread across a quarter of a mile.  They’re now looking for all the drivers who didn’t stop and ran over him, including for the one who killed him.

    The gray Mercedes Sprinter that killed the man was found abandoned a few hundred meters away from the location of the accident. According to the authorities who examined CCTV footage in the area, the driver is foreign, and he was not alone, but with two other people.

    The police are asking for everyone who was driving on highway M0 at that time to come forward if they have any information or call the local emergency number 112.



    Diana Livesay

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