• Dodik In Moscow: The Policy Of Subservience To The West Has Been Rejected By Us

    May 25, 2023
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    Milorad Dodik meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, via Twitter

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    During a visit to Moscow this week to attend the Security Forum organized by Russia, President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik met with Vladimir Putin to discuss bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Dodik also used the occasion to personally present the Russian President with the medal he awarded him in January.

    After the forum, Dodik told reporters, “I am not the president of BiḪ, I am the president of Republika Srpska and I am participating in the conference in that format. I am very grateful to the Russian side for respecting the specifics and understanding the reality. Therefore, Republika Srpska knows that the Russian Federation is the guarantor of the Dayton Agreement, in this agreement the international verification of Srpska is very visible, and in this respect, it does not represent any disputed fact for Russians, unlike the West, which tries at all levels to exaggerate, underestimate, and humiliate Republika Srpska, not allowing it to speak, but only to listen, even on issues concerning BiḪ and Srpska itself. Here is something completely different, here you can speak, here you are listened to, here you can learn, and here you are among friends.”

    The policy of subservience to the West has been rejected by us

    Dodik called for an end to the unipolar world under American hegemony established at the end of the Cold War. He said that a new multipolar world should be created, in which several centers will be able to establish a balance, then “It will not be possible for a global power to crash into some part of the world and do whatever it wants there. Confidence in international law and everything that was lost in the last year following the expansion of the neoliberal approach to the organization of the world, which implies favoring the values of only one country and one configuration, will have to be restored.”

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed Dodik, saying, “Mr. President, I am very happy to see you in Moscow. I would like to greet you and to point out that the relations between Russia and Republika Srpska are developing successfully.” The Russian President thanked Dodik for blocking BiḪ from imposing sanctions on Russia. Putin added that he had was informed that many companies in Republika Srpska are interested in working with major Russian firms in various industries. “I also know that thousands of schoolchildren in Republika Srpska are learning Russian, and the interest to the Russian language and culture is supported at the state level. We are very grateful to you for that as well,” the Russian President added.

    Milorad Dodik explained his reasons for making the trip to Moscow, telling reporters, “We want to cooperate with Russia, we are not one of those who stopped cooperation because some others are waging a war against it. The policy of subservience demanded by the West, in terms of sanctions and termination of cooperation, has been rejected by us. There is an established opinion in the West that ‘if you are not with us, then you are against us,’ that is, ‘if you are not with us against Russia, then you are against us.’”

    Ukraine is just a tool they are using to try to win over emotions

    The President of Republika Srpska added, “Before the start of the special military operation, Russia offered the West a document dealing with security, and no one reacted to it. It is the simple arrogance of the West, which rejects the opinions of others and implements its policies, which are usually lobbied or motivated by long-term strategic interests, as is the case with Russia. Ukraine is just a tool they are using to try to win over emotions. Basically, there are unfathomable and unlimited resources that Russia has, and mastering them is the main goal of the West.”

    Dodik also noted that Republika Srpska does not participate in the work, nor in matters of cooperation with NATO within the Council of Ministers and the Commission. “No one should doubt our opinion about NATO. NATO is the one that bombed this nation, dumped depleted uranium on two occasions, killed our children and declared it collateral damage. They called their operations in which they killed children ‘Merciful Angel,’ so of course we are full of indignation at all that and the only correct decision is that we don’t want to be part of NATO.”



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