• Dodik Calls US Flyover Of Bosnia Provocation And Intimidation

    June 1, 2023
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    President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, via his official website

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    The U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Murphy has been in a war of words with the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, who is working to thwart the globalist agenda in his country. As a result of the dispute and increased tensions in neighboring Serbia’s autonomous province of Kosovo, U.S. authorities decided to remind Serbs of American military might in the region.

    As part of this effort, the U.S. Air Force conducted a low flyover of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday. The pro-Muslim Bosnian press described the flyover as “a sign of the strong partnership between the United States and the Armed Forces of BiH.” The USAF statement declared that the flyover would affirm the “permanent dedication of the U.S. to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and multi-ethnic nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

    Dodik did not see the American move as a friendly gesture of support. The President of Republika Srpska called it “a classic example of provocation, intimidation and pressure. We are all aware of this in Republika Srpska, bearing in mind the fact that the Serbian people, unfortunately, remember well the flying of planes overhead and the dumping of depleted uranium in the past… the consequences of which we will continue to feel for a long time.”

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    “For Republika Srpska and its citizens, it [the U.S. Flyover] represents nothing but intimidation and brutal repression, but also proof that America today, as the leading force of amorality in world politics, calls intimidation and aggression a partnership,” Dodik told the media. “It is clear that by implementing a repressive policy, America… imposes a regime of unprovoked violence. Partnership is built on respect, in this case on respect for the Constitution and the Dayton Agreement. And when, instead, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a community of three equal peoples and two entities, a decision is made in this way despite the will of one nation and one entity that opposes it, then it is not a partnership, but an attempt at occupation and the denial of the democratic will of the citizens.”

    The President of Republika Srpska reiterated that his country is not opposed to partnership with the US, but only on democratic principles and as the Dayton Agreement dictates, as an equal entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “When the USA is ready to behave in that way, they could have a partner in the Republika Srpska,” Dodik said. “Not a single Serb in the joint institutions gave consent for this provocative action by the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with this move, the US divided Bosnia and Herzegovina. Whoever made this decision, it is clear that it is a matter of provocation, pressure, and a kind of threat against the Serbian people, Republika Srpska, and its leadership.”



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